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Sunday, April 21, 2019


This month's bullet point so far.
  • We have a goldfish now. Actually had two but Dippy bit the dust. Goldie seems to be pretty hardy.

  • Scratch that. Time passed, 3 fish have died, we've moved on to hermit crabs.

  • Powering through a sprained thumb is a big mistake. Don't do it.

  • Kiddo and I got a ton of flower seeds planted in little peat pellets. Will be fun to see how many of those make it.

  • All of them. They all made it. Now we are wondering where to plant all 200+ baby flower sprouts that enthusiastic little hands deemed soil worthy. Guess we need to count seeds a little more stringently.

  • Yes, I've changed my strategy. Life, platform, plan and execution- it's like purging out the consequences of mistakes made and having way more room to assess and think. It's not about surviving depression anymore. It's about enjoying people I care about.

  • Q is important. Learn to Q.

  • I finally put a windchime on my deck. It's made of a rainbow of shells, and it's pleasant. This autist took 25 years to settle on random breeze blown noise. I'm not into noise or cluttering my view, but I do like this one.