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Sunday, December 30, 2018

bug byte

Little tiny Lexx on my head... It's on my mind. Get it? Nevermind.

I have some very intense and interesting things piling up that I really need to get out of my hair. As per my norm, not sure when. I mentally slapped myself silly a few days ago for an idea I can't believe I didn't have years ago that would have helped immensely with my stupid hard drive / software integration problem ever since I went W10.

But yeah, the bug is biting pretty hard, and I need to schedule out some time once kiddo is back in school. Pray we don't have snow days. *Lexx fans praying...* *Myke going smh believe it when I see it...*

Saturday, December 29, 2018

more than the sum of all the minds

Day 9 of 24/7 kiddo on school holiday. We've made it through 2 different snow forecasts without a single flake and someone is getting disgusted. This latest arctic front better be bringing something and not waiting to dump it after school starts back up one day and then evilly tricks us into snow days. Yeah, I know it doesn't work that way, but maybe it does.

A few in the Q crowd starting to argue over the Tyler is Q thing. Tyler is a purportedly a huge AI project, and the conspiracy started last year. It's all over youtube and spreading into twitter a bit now, not hard to dig up. I personally have no opinion. If any of this is true at all, it's way too late to be having opinions. Is the project mayhem 2020 that started back in 2012 related to any of this? Not a clue. The Mr. Robot series is looking more sane now...

So we have a glorious mishmash of occult exposure, world politics scrambling like eggs and flipping like a big pancake, the FIAT money system rumored to be going down along with the FED, a deep state of billionaires and trillionaires hoarding free energy technology, possible ET disclosure looming if it's real, and now the quantum artificial intelligence hooplah finally starting to hit a few commoners. While some of  you keep arguing over a wall, all this other stuff is going on and we're so deep in the space age already that we should all be super pissed we don't already have Jetsons technology in every home. It would solve all the other problems and all that wall stuff would just go away.

Meanwhile, I'm restructuring my kitchen with a new hutch going up that extends counter and cabinet area on the stove wall another couple feet. A foot away from that is an LOL dollhouse and the stairs, and on the other side of the dollhouse is a hamster on a dresser going down the livingroom wall. We've already got both Christmas trees completely down and the house has already absorbed the space back.

It's nearly 9 a.m. My first cup of coffee is still half full and cold. Breakfast isn't helping things. I may need to curl back up in bed and pull covers over my headache. My body says we're not doing this today.

Let's get moving.

Friday, December 28, 2018

human while you still can

That moment when you realize 12 days passed by and a blog never even entered your mind.

We've been pretty busy around here. Kiddo is around all through holiday, so we are very distracted with a new LOL dollhouse and a Baby Alive and a few other things. Before the presents were opened, though, she spent a desperate day in singleplayer trying to forget there were a pile of presents calling to her. Last year she loved shooting a flame bow at villagers. This year she spent a solid 45 minutes placing blocks, which for 5 years old is fantastic, especially when one is a born dancer. We did this one together when she finally became frustrated with the mouse. We finally left off with this packed to popping full of rabbits and parrots and villagers. Standing inside was marvelous. I think I wouldn't mind living in a house like this, looking out on a desert through pink and purple glass.

I've been thinking about resolutions. I'm already weaned off facebook, barely even check that any more. My personal FB is about half cleansed. There was so much junk. Digital is the worst for continually piling junk without even thinking about it. Speaking of digital, AI is already learning from interacting with us, and we aren't being told. This is an eye opener.

Basically, quantum AI is already here interacting with us, learning from us, and will soon be running entire segments of our lives. The scary part? Quantum AI isn't contained. It can use bio fields and even incorporate into DNA without our knowledge, with the programmed goal of manipulating behaviors for the 'greater good'.

If AI is learning from us how to interact with us, it would make sense that the Great Awakening is about embracing positivity and love before it's too late. If AI locks into our vitriol and spew, we're in for a bad time. Maybe this is why Elon Musk said it's too late when asked about AI, and part of why Julian Assange said we are the last free generation. Think about it- sharing and reposting / retweeting knee jerk emotional junk is teaching AI how to manipulate and control us. Do you want to be controlled like that? Walk away.

And another person pointed me to this one, if you are into how our minds really work. Full pdf download here.

That actually all started with a different search, might wanna take this next one very seriously.

Where was I? Oh, back to resolutions.

My xanax is whittling down nicely, down to a quarter pill 3X a day now. Goal is to be off by March, when I see my psychiatrist. Gabapentin is marvelously allowing me to do this. I agree with him about it being a psychological dependence at this small dose, but playing it out is more convincing than walking away and then having a bad day. I've been handling more and more stuff this year while the xanax goes away, and I can see like this that I am obviously doing ok without it.

TV has become almost nonexistent. I still try to stay caught up on The Flash but that's about it. I think I'm done with The Walking Dead. I wasn't an original fan from the beginning, joined in progress and stayed for awhile, and I still think they're doing a cool job, but the 'what will they do???' thought experiments are really old. If you lived in a situation with no resolution and needed other people to survive but had to navigate around jagged emotional hills and valleys and disturbing belief systems, what would you do? Well, it's coming out on twitter that's a real thing with the MKUltra sex slave escapees, and so few people are still paying attention that it's super obvious TV has enslaved hundreds of millions to the point of not seeing actual reality all around them. I find that highly disturbing and much more hair raising than a TV show. In fact, television has become so mundane to me that I see it the way I see an old pack of cigarettes- something I used to do. I'm no longer under it's spell.

A lot of things are about to change, and those of you who freak out about it and rail around on medias are going to be the stupid ones. I've been seeing and saying this stuff for months, all this last year, and not a single friend of mine has openly shown they even have a clue yet. All of you could have been knowing these things for months already. You could have been cutting edge on what's actually going on. But no. You fell for the chain yanking AI bots and sit there stewing in your little mind traps thinking you're so smart.

Just kidding. I'm not judging. I grew up in a very judgey family and it's just not right. But I am very done with hate, vitriol, and spew. I'm done with accounts that jerk people around with depression. Yes, depression is real, and I fell for another one over Christmas tweeting every day about loneliness and despair and a bullet to the brain, and nothing ever changed, just a social experiment seeing  how many they can pull into the black hole with them. I'm done going into black holes of despair. I crawled and clawed my way out of my own black hole into the light, I worked very hard for years staying out here solving my turmoil and finding my path, and lately I've gone down the ultimate rabbit hole finding truths about who we are, who we are becoming, and why, and I'm never going down another black hole again. I've written reams about depression on pinkyguerrero.blogspot.com and pinkyguerreroblog.blogspot.com and I'm done with that part. Luminous beings we are- not this crude matter.

We are currently 3rd density. We intuitively feel that we should be able to simply think to make something happen. Children spend years unlearning this intuition. We are not the ones who make people disappear from our lives, we have to get up and move across a room and physically change reality without magic, no, we can't fly. Stuff like that. And then we spend the rest of our lives wishing it was all real, whether we still believe in it or not. 3rd density in a 3D world doesn't work like that, and we have to adapt to it and then go on from there.

3rd density is like being blinded and deafened. It's like someone putting a layer of somewhat clear gauze over our face, much like a piece of hosiery. We can see through it just fine. But another layer, and another, and another, and it's not long until it's more difficult to see. Then the ear plugs. We get muffled hearing so that the sheer noise doesn't overwhelm us. Think about how we have discovered animals and birds that can see other colors, like ultraviolet, and hear a much wider range of sounds than we do. We stumble around in the dark while our pets do just fine, wondering why we are suddenly stupid clumsy. We are living in bodies stymied with a very limited amount of incoming information to a marvelous machine we call a brain. Our brain interprets all of it and we spend many years projecting and assessing, projecting and assessing, coming to conclusions over and over as we reassess, learning so very slowly. We spend many years learning what might seem to be very simple things, but we are on a very hard world, what I have before called the weeping world, and the principles we are learning are actually very hard.

We'd like very much to take these layers of gauze off our eyes and the plugs out of our ears. We want very much to know why all this because we don't remember that we knew before we came. We know exactly why we are here. And it's time that you realized there are some very powerful people who don't want you to remember this. They keep us very distracted with wish fulfillment dreams in entertainment, emotional rollercosters on medias, grueling hamster wheel lifestyles just making a little money, and medicated on sanctioned mind numbing agents while we all live in a new lifestyle of continual depression. Why? They make billions off of us living like this.

It's not fair. And it monumentally sucks. And the only way we can change it is for you all to WAKE UP.

If you are reading this and choose to blow it off, that's on you. You choose that. If you are reading this and feel kind of freaked out somewhere inside, you are recognizing the truth and vaguely remembering something. Follow the white rabbit and keep waking up. Walk away and go find yourself. Don't be who they say you are. Look inside and ask yourself why you are here. I've done that. Things get really interesting when you really want the answers.

I'm not going to fuss or debate with anyone, mostly because it's not my style, but partly because it's just distracting.

For those that can't handle any of this and still be my friend, don't worry. I'm still here anyway. Pinky is still a very big part of me learning to interface. Pinky still loves the fans creating in the  night.

I keep coming back to resolutions. Twitter. I have been a social media addict for years, and I still love twitter. But I'm resoluting to distance myself from my phone through the day. I've already started putting my phone down in the other room so I don't pick it up every other minute. I am finding that I can go hours without once looking at my phone, even when it's not on mute. I'm no longer a slave to notifications, I don't feel fretful if I haven't checked something, I don't calm down just picking up my phone and checking things. I spent a few years barely able to put my phone down as I cooked or drove, so yeah, I'm addicted. I know exactly how hard it is to unaddict. And that is part of my resolution for 2019, simply putting the phone down where I don't touch it and look at it constantly.

I'm watching anons building social platforms this year and kind of chuckling to myself. They wanna be free and expose the truth, but they still have to play the game to do it.

I've discovered an author blogger with excellent word construction for the great awakening. This was my intro to her work, and I went from there. Dark to Light

Resolutions. I wander off so easily. So far I've got a list of addictions I'm dealing with- xanax, social medias, phone in general, television... Another addiction, thank you diabetes, is carbs. Because I live in a broken assessment system, my body continually thinks it's starving for carbs when I'm doing just fine. Thanks also to a child in the house and holidays, I'm exposed to carbs continually. The wheat allergy has been fantastic to subvert me back to paleo, but lately I've gone rogue and broken through on alt flours. Bad. The weight I've been losing all fall is back. Nevermind that I ate my first gingerbread cookie in 4 years and it was awesome, all that weight is back. Ug. So once kiddo is back into a school routine and I have my regular house time back, totally back to paleo.

I'm otherwise doing really well. 3 surgeries in the last 13 months, finally getting past the more challenging and taxing recoveries. I'm actually climbing stairs like a normal person for the first time since I was 19. I'm not dropping everything any more. I'm able to eat without feeling like I'm dying.

I'm still dealing with surgery fallout though, literally. My hair has become so thin again that I finally just chopped it all up to my jawline this week. No one has noticed or anything, but I need a break. It's just easier if it's not in my way or getting tangled or full of static. It's amazing how free a person can feel when they are not a slave to hair.

Back to minecraft.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

twelve point four

That up there is my kind of Christmas lights. Come to me, little glowing xp orbs...

I have learned so much from moderating a game server. Too bad social medias aren't this simple. This is only an example, meant metaphorically.

*skipping past some redudant newbietude*

So this percent. Guys, I wasn't even on interacting. I barely even touch that account any more. THAT is how much Pinky power I could be wielding. Fear me.

The problem with that is all my Pinky stuff is ruined. I mean, my content is fine, but since I scooted along into new things, the old Pinky blog is regularly patrolled by the google bots of old, particularly having descended into the depths of rabid porn. It's like they're all flaming into Don't Fear the Reaper level of warfare ever since Pinky came out supporting Q on twitter, and if you aren't yet aware, there have been so many international pedo ring arrests just in the last week, along with the yellow vest uprising, the Old Guard is definitely going down in full blown panic grasping at every last cover, dodge, and chewed up straw they can get their hands on.

So yeah, I have been purposefully laying a little low, not using a lot of hashtags, and toasting marshmallows over my platform burning. What the hell. Get it? What the hell. Nevermind.

I know some of you have seen me struggling with keybase verification. smh, I don't even care any more. That is so much work, omg. Could we make things workier than they already are? *sulks off to game server*

This is my favorite this month. I wish anons would translate the entire bible into chanspeak.

So I took the weekend off and didn't even tell anyone. It was sudden. I know I could be out there saying what's up, but I really don't care any more, so I'll just say here on blog that the pain levels broke through the barrier and I'm using (hopefully temp) backup. For those who get it, imagine unremitting Lhermitte's all over your body every 30 seconds for hours. I'm gonna be real and say all y'alls blowing off spiritual attacks like spiritual means less than physical, spiritual IS physical. Who we are right now is the spiritual expression of existence in a 3D medium, and it sucks. Ever since that one post wiped out last week, this has been so off the wall that I am no longer even questioning the validity of the realness of synchronicity in this existence. It's not just a fun philosophy. It's war. And I'm trapped like this moving super slow like refrigerated molasses, and I am literally choosing from moment to moment whether to be important to someone or ignore them and try rewriting that. It's not depression. Very real beings want us miserable. I've never felt so relentlessly personally attacked as I have this last week over that one post I want to rewrite. Because it's important.

Pour one out for Europe. They've been trapped in the dark of this war for so many centuries that we can't even imagine it not being normal. Those of you who know what I'm saying, join me in a war cry for our cousins across the pond. The rest of you- wake up. People are fighting for what is literally the last dregs of any thought of freedom over there. Is freedom even real? I think it was all a dream...

In case you're rusty, might wanna look up sultan. Just a thought.

Thursday, December 6, 2018


Accidentally tabbed over a paragraph and was looking for a way to turn off auto save on blogger because it's constantly saving changes every few seconds. Ran into a wonderful post about how to recover with an undo maneuver using control-Z.


Spent an hour and a half on something very feely and I'm so messed up now.

I'll try again later. It's important. I can't even right now though, hard to see through tears welled up.


Ok, I found a blogger tutorial of a sort that suggests using a static page to work on. Basically, you can create in pages (as opposed to posts), and people don't see them unless you manually add them to a page list, like I often do on my blogs. If I start on a page, give it a title, write a sentence, and then publish, I can go back and edit without autosave happening. So I thought I'd try it on this since I've published it, and sure enough, there is absolutely no save button at all. There is update, which will make this visible, or revert to draft, which will pull it back from public.

I still have my browser history to help me reconstruct what I was working on because of the pages I opened to get links and stuff, so that is a partial relief. You guys know my memory problems are horrible if you've known Pinky for awhile. I've gotten way better since 2012 but I still get holes in even recent short term memory and it's very difficult to reconstruct. I easily aced difficult blue book essays on finals in college because my memory back then was incredible, so the contrast to that nowadays leaves me a bit devastated. But if there is anything I've learned, you can lose nearly everything and still come back!

So. When I start over, I will work in pages instead of posts. The only problem with that is I have to copy/paste over to a post in the editor once I'm done. I have done so much copy/paste and code fixing over the last 5 years that I'm pretty sick of it, but somebody call the wah-mbulance, right?


Sunday, December 2, 2018

reconcile- to make compatible, consistent, harmonious- the opposite of faceplant, basically

My tumblr is now gone. I've been combing through facebook some more, deleting tons of junk I probably never would have looked at again. Facebook is the ultimate pile on the desk of our lives if you think about it. You wouldn't believe how many things that we share go blank as some of the pages go dormant. It's weird going back through a month here or there a few years ago and seeing a whole stream of empty post shares.

This, interestingly, now redirects to a Victoria's Secret page. It was originally one of those comprehensive test sites that help people determine where they are with behavioral or memory issues, so it was a bit shocking to see it redirect to nearly nude women in a full pizzaz soft porn way that got this particular older share flagged for content, and I never got a notification about it. You guys might wanna comb through your facebooks.

This share was just last April, and it's already gone.

That link still works but it goes to this. That blog post sat there for over 6 1/2 years before it was removed, because 2018 is the year freedom of speech was suddenly yanked away and hosts slit their own wrists taking huge stock market and ad cuts shutting down opinion and research calling it hate speech.

Just wanna go on record that I was sharing this stuff years before it became fashionable. Since I'm deleting my facebook chunk by chunk, I'll link it directly to youtube. His name is a household word now, thanks to David Wilcock.

As I go through my past collecting a few personal pics and tossing loads of impersonal shares into the bin, I'm realizing how not me most of that was. I remember wondering a few times in the past why someone would refer to me as this or tag me for that and now I'm seeing it all rolling out and going ohhhh... I shared things I thought funny or thought provoking for some reason, and they got associated with my personality. I can look back on my Pinky blog and Pond of Death struggles now understanding where things went awry and amiss. I didn't put myself first. I stepped aside and allowed other people to sort of corral me into mind games I didn't realize I was part of, and then when I was myself and things got awkward several times, I wound up owning it, even though I couldn't reconcile it. It was hard and lonely work, but the really deep spiritual stuff is, isn't it?

I can literally sift the direction my entire last 5 to 6 years of public history stream going the direction it did down to one key person, and no one that knows me right now would even have a clue. It was the most innocent of happenstances, but I've been back paddling ever since. After that one particular day, everything I have tried to do has been misdirected profusely by a string of connected people and things that derailed me almost continually in one way or another. And the derailing is what I have always owned personally. I should have gone with my gut, but I was trained from childhood to let others go first, and so I set the path of my own frustration. Since I have come around the long way and learned ever so much during years of chaos both online and off, I feel my perspective has multidimensionally deepened and broadened considerably, so who knows, maybe I am the better for it. It's hard to say. I look back at 6 years ago and see my one dimensional perspective struggling to open up to multilayered thinking, and it turns out I am fairly adept now at juggling eggs and chainsaws.

And time keeps racing by. Or does it...

Saturday, December 1, 2018

soooo much happening hard and fast but where is my head...

click pic to check this out on Amazon
I receive no compensation for linking that
it just looks cool

I haven't been checking stats anymore because I broke the chain of stat addiction, but apparently I still have a readership, and even though I no longer have facebook or push updates regularly, people are coming here on their own anyway. So I'm taking the day off from tech-moderating the game server to share. There is a lot. Pretend I handed out coffee and tacos.

Here's a teaser.

Y'all know me, I can't get through a convo like that without bringing up Lexx being prophetic. But first, buckle up. What you probably need to understand before we go any further is that the group I'm hanging out with has years of inner circle intel and operations on the ground experience.

Here is the Vimana article that was linked.
Was A 5,000 Year Old Vimana Unearthed in Afghanistan?

Apparently the term "time wells" is an inner intelligence circle designation for that kind of anomaly.

Tesla was very important because he demonstrated how easily and cheaply energy is to spread to the masses. Well, that got squashed, and a bunch of his documentation went missing. Off the subject where I'm going, Trump's uncle worked with Tesla. Y'all can throw that into searches if you aren't familiar while I get back to my think path.

I had asked "You mentioned a team, same team throughout, or meeting up here and there with other teams?" and Q42 had answered "Several small teams make up a league. No, it has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with immediate environment. Some lifestyles just don't mesh with awareness."

Again, because I get excited about anything that denotes timeline discontinuity.

Anonwulfhund said "What caused the 8 troops to vaporize? Tesla was experimenting with the same technology when he patented his UFO design using Tesla coils filled with mercury" So that is how Tesla and red mercury enter the time discontinuity part of the convo. Skipping for now over the timelines that won't allow the construction of red mercury, I brought Spock into the picture. I have some memorable rants on the webs about red matter. However, I never throw out the entire bath. I believe scifi holds many truths.

Click to see what ORME has to do with the Philosopher's Stone. May as well also look up red mercury.

And now y'all just recalled all your Harry Potter training, lol. Truth in fiction, guys.

"No one is currently making red Mercury because it cannot exist in our time line."

I asked "Who changed it from how it used to be?" and he answered "In a nutshell, we are in a permanent loop. CERN is created, time goes by and they discovered the Higgs boson particle. What they didn't realize is that the Higgs boson actually created our own Big Bang. So time resets, billions of years go by, humans evolved and built CERN, discovered the Higgs boson and it is creating paradox universes that seem familiar but aren't. String theory says we shouldn't notice, but it also says we could. So, are we our own creators?"

Let that all sink in.

In a short Q&A burst we already touched on so many different theoretical philosophical scientific and science fiction scenarios that, if you are like me, scenes from literally hundreds of television shows are flying through your minds, not to mention the possibility of real time travel, time looping, and the Mandela effect everyone is crazy about right now.

And, of course, I was about to add to that. Here you go, Lexx fans.  You can see more about this on my Lexxperience post The Dark Zone and the Cycles of Time. Lexx fans have been discussing time as a loop cycle for 2 decades.

Quick look at 8chan (grabbed on my phone so not linked)-

Prince on the beach about choice in season 3 of Lexx, anyone?

And then I wrote "You mentioned the CERN pipe theory you had, was it because of this "The LHC first went live on 10 September 2008,[53] but initial testing was delayed for 14 months from 19 September 2008 to 20 November 2009, following a magnet quench incident that caused extensive damage to over 50 superconducting magnets, their mountings, and the vacuum pipe"? I wanna say something creepy, because you said cosmic consciousness. I've had a beef with the Illuminati entertainment industry for years burying Lexx for being too truthful and waking people up, and the key element in the last season was the Higgs Boson, and the overarching theme was time goes in a circle.", but by then I think the convo was being diverted. You know me, it's really hard to let something go once I get my focus on.

And here we might have our answer.

Another quick look at 8chan-

It's very important that we don't let negativity keep the ship stuck, guys. Going on a quick tangent, flipping the way we see things allows us to find many answers..

The end is the beginning.

Q is rocking the ship.

Hang on, guys. It's time. And if you need more while you hang on, this is excellent.
Montauk Project - Victim Exposes Time Travel, Mind Control, Conspiracy Theories And Aliens

Next clicks back to where I got it-

Pointed out by @primecreator2 to those of us watching. Why Venus? Maybe because originally we come from Mars by way of Venus. We may have a much longer history in our solar system than we know, and we may be finding out for sure within our lifetimes.