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Thursday, February 28, 2019

the longest month finally over

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I have been making executive boss decisions right and left all winter, and today I exec decided to get control of this stupid swarming that has been plaguing my blogs since 2015, so most of them have been unlisted from blogger and turned off for search engines, and some have been pulled into private for the time being, but they're all still there. Also axed a bit of info, linking and sharing, widgets...

One of the big bads of blogging is don't blab on about yourself, and I did that nearly exclusively on pinky blog and demo'd that is actually a great way to get readers if you don't have an agenda apart from that, along with proper hashtagging with social media sharing, right. That used to be fun and a good thing. It's gotten so bad, that pretty much guarantees you can't see anything organic.

You guys are more than numbers to me, many of you are friends, and I do appreciate that I'm still being tagged multiple times daily even though I went on twitter break a month ago. So far a few people have made contact, bless your hearts, and I reached out to a few myself, and it's all good, I just needed very badly to withdraw and be autist for awhile.

I know I don't talk about that much any more.

Many autists don't stay 'out' public very well or very long without either a solid amount of support or ways to hide. Despite what my friends call support, that isn't what I mean, and I had been doing my best to remain completely public for over 5 years. It finally hit me it's ok to make a place to hide. So I've done that, and I've been ironing out the things I've felt were distracting me and finding my balance again.

Today was hard. Along with forgetting to plug the crockpot in like I mentioned in last post, I also went out of my way to cook my favorite eggs even though I knew in the back of my mind I was out of the only ketchup in the house I can eat with my allergies. There are precious few things I use ketchup on at all, and that kind of eggs is one of my faves, so I was super bummed for a few minutes. Things like that seemed to keep happening all day, like I was defeating myself with stupidity. I take that kind of fail too personally, but that's what this autist does, takes the cosmos very personally when things pile up going wrong, and let's just say it's a good thing I'm not a mutant with super powers. My family has been watching me struggle with balancing pain control against mood problems while keeping up with my daily expectations being pummeled with extra challenges like weather and waves of virulence, and what I haven't been bringing up is how much my brain has been slipping again. I'm making mistakes that are either costing us money or risking safety in some way. I'm not thinking. I'm spacing.

That's a very strong sign that autist needs a great big break. I'm not good for anyone if I'm not braining properly, and I'm not good for myself emotionally if I'm not good for other people.

I know many of you can't even imagine what 6 hours of utter silence must be like for a person like me, but it's bliss. I recharge with utter quiet. I haven't been getting that like I used to. My world in my head has been like this all month.

I feel lost in confusion when I'm like that. Nothing makes sense, neural pathways don't connect properly or in the right order while everything is over connecting all at once, and I can seem like I'm already getting senile when I'm like that, even though I'm far from it. My head is exploding with activity on the inside, and on the outside I seem frozen up. I've had a hard time making words off and on all winter. I don't speak easily when I'm flummoxed.

At any rate, the roast turned out awesome and no harm no foul.

I guess we might be seeing Winter Storm Scott forming this weekend, or maybe soon after, so @bonenado is all excited. 😁 I know a lot of Scotts out there. Bout time they all had a storm named after them.

Tomorrow I have my third electromyography with nerve conduction work up. We're still trying to pinpoint where the damage actually is so we know what to do next. Really glad Scott will be off work to drive me through Winter Storm Scott. 😃 Actually, we probably won't get hit that hard until the weekend. Already kind of cringing about school possibly being out next Monday, lol. We've reached the level of hamster being snuck out of the cage, among other more independent 5 year old behaviors, and I'm not sure I can mount a rescue if it gets loose and hides in the fridge fan again. I've been lobbying for hamster expansion, but we really don't have the extra cash right now.

I really need to catch up on stuff.

Actually, still very slowly working on the Continuum rewatch. We're up to the part where we find out the factory workers in the future were literally slaves with brain chips.

I haven't listened to this entire thing yet, but it's fun. Give it a whirl.

I'm a big Dark City fan, so of course that grabbed my attention. I know what that means.

Just noticed the time, guess I'll sign off.

war on all fronts

Today's biggest fail was plugging the coffee maker back in after I put a pork roast into the crockpot. Took 4 hours to notice I plugged in the wrong appliance.

There were many fails all around that all morning. I'm not even going to bother with a list, just going on record that this is the worst day I've had the entire month and I'm so glad February is nearly over.

Once again I have a kiddo because icy roads closed school. We've been playing this ice game for 3 weeks now, with very unwelcome visitors Ms. Influenza, Mr. Rhinovirus, and some unknown fleeting version of stomach upset getting in the door and racing around the house like a stray cat that made a big mistake before running back out again. Up to this week I've been fairly capable, staying sort of caught up with basic chores, and it hit me today as I was purging all kinds of old food shoved to the back of the fridge that I could never ever ever have kept up with this much stuff even a year ago, much less five and especially ten years ago. So even in what feels like uber fail to me, I feel like we're doing pretty good.

Gonna sneak a biggie in here for those of you still relying on mainstream network news for some kind of reality pill. This is from last night. Clicks to tweet source. If you have no idea what this means to a ragged, weary world, you are locked into a tiny little sphere of bliss, known to some as ignorance. We have Trump and the Q plan to thank for this. Here is the article.

The project found that about 3.4 million people were physically or economically displaced by World Bank-funded development projects between 2004 and 2013, and that the bank often failed to follow its own rules for properly resettling these communities. The legal case surrounded a 1945 law which granted international organizations “the same immunity from suit” as foreign governments.

70 years of immunity from affecting people all over the world on such a grand scale... Think about it. Even the oldest of us can say this has never before happened in our lifetimes.

Reparations is part of the Plan. Naysayers keep on about the idiocy going on, but fail to see the people affected by things like open border policies all over the world, which have been funded by billionaires such as Soros. I'm going out on a limb guessing that this immunity coming down will open all kinds of doors to 'little people' finally having some protection in the wakes of 'investments' in many, many forms.

Back to my tiny little life. My eardrums are the focus of intense warfare, my brain is precariously perched behind a wall of ooze, and first second I get, I'm diving back into bed so fast.

I owe @bonenado big time for coming home early from work today.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

braining is hard, yo

You know you probably hang out on game too long when you catch yourself thinking you ought to go ahead and start the washer before you head out because it'll keep going even if you don't have the chunk loaded.


I live in a very literal brain.

@bonenado and I have been having on and off again convos about past lives lately, not the first time it's come up, but getting way more interesting now that I've discovered whole waves of people are remembering during what some are calling the last generation. We are the last to live in this 25K cycle, and if we wake up, we get to move on. It's time.

Maybe that's why I've felt such a nostalgia and fondness for basic living on the raw planet around me all my life. I think that's why I chose this. I've spent years trying to learn everything I can, see as much as possible in the world around me through documentaries, pictures, and videos, even just smell the changes in the winds, as it were. I have worked so hard just being here because I'm not done yet. I want to really feel this life, this planet, this age of humanity that we are in.

And this poor brain I am in. 💜 I have made it work so hard through the roughest challenges, nonstop thinking even through so much system fail.

Ascension or chili dogs... 😐 Yes, hard choice. Food allergies are getting me ready to make the break.

Here you go, Cabal. Suck it.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

I seriously thought today was Tuesday all day. In less than 2 hours it'll be Thursday. I have been out of rhythm for at least 14 1/2 years now. This coming September will be 15 years.

You didn't just see me jaunt off on several other searches. I really should wind this up.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

as the world tuRns

Ok, I need to start thinking about what I want to do again. The entire month got stomped flat. I can't help noticing it seems to start with me thinking I really do need to clean my floors again and *bam* there it all goes. I don't even get back to that thought for weeks. It's been an ongoing pattern for at least a year.

Yes, someone smart just asked if the floors ever get cleaned. You're right, it's a logic loop. But seriously, thank goodness we don't have pets or a toddler or we'd get trapped in sticky gobs and someone would eventually come into our house and find our skeletons. But yeah, I actually get to them at least once a month or two.

Started doxycycline today, maybe I'll start pulling past this now. Even dragging along, I got the shopping done so we have food again, yay.

Didn't realize the JFK, Jr thing was still going. I really hope this is true, because it's mind blowing.

To my friends, if any still check on me, I know I'm hard to take, but all those celebrity deaths you mourn on twitter (I believe the suicides were suicided because they were going to talk), this may be a phoenix rising from the ashes, and all those deaths will be stopping when he does. If Camelot comes back, the Cabal will be GONE.

And then everyone can talk all they want.

K, 2 hours just went by, I need sleep.

Monday, February 25, 2019

and now we know what "the wall" really is

Still slowly peeling away the social medias. Facebook is determined to keep me viable outside of the restrictions I keep trying to lock it into. It's so twisted just trying to thin out and close up a couple pages, it's sickening. You cannot delete your own info any more. It must be meticulously extracted from several angles and then left alone and not breathed on for so many days before FB will finally just let it slide out of view.

Doing taxes was illuminating. We're down about $20K over the last year. No wonder everything feels so hard.

I don't dare make any more phone calls today. I called my dad to let him know I got the book he mailed and wound up cranking him out when he said I sounded muffled. Yes, I've had this cold, and our phones are evidently incompatible to the point where I absolutely have to keep my phone within a quarter inch of my mouth for him to hear me at all, plus the extra effort to enunciate clearly with enough breath to keep it louder... I got impatient and told him upgrade his tech or get hearing aids, and then I apologized and then we still had a stupid convo going over all the finer points of holding our phones so we can hear each other. I literally had my phone pressed on my face and the mouthpiece up to my lips. Even speaker phone fails with our calls. I just wanna reach through the connection and shatter his phone on the floor and shove a new phone in his hand. His fear of tech and wacky financial priorities (he went way out of his way getting that book to me at any cost) drives me crazy. I think what bothers me most is that, once again, I'm expected to capitulate for something to work out between us. I just wanted to say the book arrived, and I wound up yelling through a tin can and string. This head cold is taking a huge emotional toll on me.

I sense the vigorous nodding across the fruited plains...

Tech is a strange thing. I imagine the last post looks like a bunch of us are being activated, which is true, but the question arising of whether white or black hats is answered through the #walkaway from tech answer. We may be caught up in this, but we still have the power for the time being to extract ourselves enough to escape this mind control madness.

But, as I have subtly pointed out over time, the mind control started long ago. It is only accelerated now.

This is my first day really back to myself since the first week of Feb., so I'm a bit scattered, but maybe I need to focus on getting out the door to a clinic sometime this week if this doesn't wane soon. I'd rather this weren't ramping up into sinus/ear infections, but whatever. Colds can drag out to two weeks for people not getting enough rest, so maybe I need naps.

I have been bringing you information leading up to this for a couple of months. If you have kept up, you will see the portent of some of what I was sharing (in particular '93') explained. The reason I have been so vigorously controlling my medias, even to the extent of archiving accounts and defriending on others, is so no one associated with me would be affected if I kept talking about this stuff. So. Many. People. have lost accounts with media giants trying to share this stuff.

PAY ATTENTION. You are in the war to end all wars right now, on a biblical scifi scale, and damn if I haven't been saying all this stuff in my blogs. I've lost friends over this. I had to make the hard choices to lay down my own platform and goals to pursue being able to remain above ground and still be part of the bridge in this war.

How do you get military intel drops to the population past elitist controlled medias? How do you let the people know what is really going on?

I said the wall was a distraction. Layered meanings. You guys watch scifi shows about brain chips and mind control and societies being run by corporations or governments and daring super soldiers or scientists breaking free to fight the good fight. Well....

Source: https://bit.ly/2VlrPE5 
The bomb that went off yesterday that you probably didn't hear. I told you to watch the date 02/21/2019. A major bomb went off yesterday. Nuclear level. Did you catch it?

This is a silent war. Silent but deadly. With real threats and real casualties. And sometimes, you can see the traces of the deflagrations.

Q158 Silent war (some gets out). The Great Awakening. Iron Eagle. Godfather III. The Hunt for Red October. Q

click to leave bed

I've been running into so much of the Gaia ascension stuff across so many different sources that I decided to do a search and landed on this bit.

The Mandela Effect Decoded

I like the idea that mass memory restructure is a gentle reaching out for response back from us, that spiritualism requires our paying enough attention to want to discover for ourselves what is really happening around us.

I probably said that way too concisely, now you won't go read it.

Purposeful guided convoluted thinking through the centuries is what keeps us controlled. It creates mental walls that we fear to breach or become ostracized for breaching. Psychological fencing is a prerequisite for sheep herding.

My first introduction to this idea on a political scale was in high school. We had to write research papers, and I chose Machiavelli because that name rolls off the tongue so beautifully. I plunged into a whole new world doing that one, eyes peeled back in a bit of shock. My world was still so small back then.

I had already strongly tackled the psychological fences throughout my childhood as I stood between two parents unequally yoked, both extremely stubborn, warring over who would control my mind. From my dad I learned the chess board, and how to logic through debate. From my mom I learned passion and the arts, although it seemed more subtle somehow. Eventually I wandered into the arts and humanities in college, despite my dad's protests that college would brainwash me, so I guess my mom won that war.

She called me the Elephant's Child, asking ever so many questions. Answers weren't easy back then, even with a full set of encyclopedias in the house, but so many things were shown to me in dreams that I felt full to running over with so many things to think about.

Layers and layers of meaning weave themselves around us in everything we see around us. Or I should also say hear, smell, taste, and touch. Every signal our brains receive about the world on the outside gets categorized, labeled, cross connected, and sometimes requires special rooms inside our minds that we can go back to any time and think through.

For instance, I had a dream probably in my high school years about being chosen to go on a field trip to Jupiter in a smallish space craft. I remember out in space the walls of the craft became transparent so we could see out, and I remember passing by the moon, not very clearly because the ship walls distorted it a bit, but still beautifully lit. The trip was very quick, and before we landed we were reminded not to go into the houses unless invited, and not to follow any of the native people away from the tour. I was surprised Jupiter had no extra gravity at all, and even more surprised at the small houses. I don't remember a lot of detail about the tour except one of the kids took off, which was horrible because he mutated into a pig. And then I noticed some of Jupiter's people had also mutated into pigs, and I thought how convenient that they had little houses, the piggies could still go right into them. The tour was a bit confusing and time passed, but eventually we boarded back up to go home, and all the way back I thought how odd we didn't hear on Earth about what Pig Jupiter was really like, and I wondered why.

Many years passed, I completely forgot about that dream until I ran into a tweet. This is actually what started my Sophia search in the link up there.

4th dimensional beings 3 major religions are WHY PLANET has made NO PROGRESS. Leaders of 3 = INFECTED = EGO = Mind Vectored Neural Implant (virus) accepted by Abraham (chosen=EGO) Sorry folks = reality You do not want to believe, BECOME a VICTIM of Archons Born Again = Kill EGO

That's not the first time I've run into Archons, and believe me, it's everywhere right now, thanks to government documents Linda Molton Howe was able to get hold of. Short version, Archons are off planet AI and it's been around a very long time infecting everything, and I imagine that's why we have an instinctual fear of fiction characters like the Borg.

I also keep running into this next bit of info, basically a DNA hack that pretty much started the spiritual warfare on our planet. I grew up Christian and I'm not against it or any other religion showing people how to be kind and compassionate, but I also grew up questioning every little thing about it since so much of it either flies over heads or causes horrible conflict of interest. The whole forgiveness concept seems lost on some Christians. But back to the point, it's not the religion or faith that is bad, it's the hijacking of the mind and using religion to control groups of people that is bad. I personally don't care how people argue about religion because I got so much of that growing up that I'm seriously burned out.

But what really caught my attention was this response.

We called this "The War Beyond Jupiter" before it was 'OK' for me to talk about.

Total dream memory trigger. No idea why. This was my response.

Reading that triggered memory of a dream I had decades ago that I was taken in a strange small craft to a planet with very small people who were made to evolve into lesser creatures through greed, and I've always called it my Pig Jupiter dream. I felt shown but never understood.

The stuff I'm researching this year is melting away the divisions between myth and reality. Whatever world we think we are living in, our reality was definitely very strongly shaped by myth, which still shows up all around us in so many ways. If myth is not real, why does it persist? One could argue that it makes money, but why do we choose to buy into that and keep it all around us in our homes? If people are devout faithers, why are they surrounding themselves with fake god and spirit stuff? What's the deal?

And why is it so important for people to keep writing the stories and making the merch?

It never occurred to me that it might partly be that we are being reached out to for response, that we might be blending our genetic memories with the living world that feeds us.

I wrote this post all backwards, like going back through my thoughts. I think the things I am shown sometimes, and the things other people are being shown, as fantastical as they seem and therefore easily dismissed, are more than allegorical and need to be paid attention to. There's a reason so many of us are coming forward this last year or so with so many dreams and memories and much more. There are far too many linking up and even synced up to call it coincidence now, and conspiracy at this point is laughable. I'm finding hundreds of thousands showing up all over the internet for the great awakening, and we all feel like "it's time".

It's time to wake up. It's time to ask questions of everything you think and feel and believe. It's time to stop listening to the drone of repetition in everything around you on electronics. Listen to your hearts. Feel your minds. Find the Source. It's certainly not in the tech.

It's time to make your choice. Are you with us waking up, or will you be left behind asleep?

Saturday, February 23, 2019

changing course

So a couple of my FB pages are gone now, and my G+ profile page and Lexx page and Lexx community on G+ are all gone now.

Turns out the best time to do that kind of stuff is when you're on the last straw of an all day super congested possibly sinus infected head cold headache. It's all meh and out the door it goes.

I remember Gary Graham was my first connection on linkedin. Still have the email request.

Oh, well.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

the night was

Day 6- The rhinovirus swarm still doesn't know I'm a conscious entity. They're oblivious to my existence as a higher being governing the puny ecosystem they call the world. I have even kindly allowed them to flourish without interference, knowing that their days are numbered. They thrive with gusto inside me, cheerily sloshing their little drinks while they plunder and trash another ecosystem in their wake of dominance over our planet. They sound foreboding, but they have no clue what a planet is. They're not exactly sure who asked if they know what a planet is. The happy foray continues.

I know they're viruses, but here's a good germ song.

wetware on a prison planet

clicks to original tweet
This is long. Before you blow any of it off, consider that all the metaphorical things around you have really meant something real all this time.

There will be a part three after this.

Keep in mind that you are brain trained to automatically reject anything and everything negative about the persons and institutions you are trained to automatically defend. If you don't believe me, see if you have an actual emotional, gut, dismissive, or derisive response to something I'm sharing. All it takes is one key word to lock your mind into defensive place. If you can see and feel this happen and still dismiss it, super Orwell to you. You are a zombie. A sheep. Asleep.

I didn't believe it myself, either. I dismissed quite a lot of this a couple of years ago, even though I was already on track leaping beyond the box. I couldn't even imagine being both intelligent and directed. I thought I was autonomous. I thought I could see more clearly. I thought I ran with a savvy higher IQ pack.

I was wrong. They may be the most asleep of all. They do everything on cue, as evidenced on social media, which some of them seem extremely addicted to (and I know media addiction, I have a web history to prove it). They almost identically react to viral 'news' on cue. They almost identically react to entertainment on cue. They almost identically broadcast their day in and day out culturally institutionalized calendars as dictated by shopping seasons, sports seasons, holiday seasons, travel seasons, educational seasons, you name it, there is a season for it. At first I took this for warm fuzzy solidarity, finding 'my kind' (that was true up to a point), feeling more emotionally secure with group validation kind of thing. But after awhile I realized I was in lock step. It was ok if I put a toe outside the somewhat rigid social behavior expectations here and there, but peer pressure won out and I allowed other people's responses to my behaviors guide me back into the pattern of life I felt the safest and most comfortable with. My discontent, though, kept driving me back across lines, and I dared to point things out others took for boat rocking. Some even went out of their ways to share over me, flooding timelines with response mechanism peer pressure, sharing the viral 'news' in spurts around my obviously unacceptable (and laughable) thinking. Over time I did lose friends. Some actually let me know, most didn't. Many kindly muted me so they wouldn't offend outright. A couple went out of their way to stay in contact outside of medias even if they don't agree with me, which is cool, but sadly, another let me know they point blank can't be seen interacting with me, nothing personal, and went silent in my life. Which is fine. Honesty is always good. Takes guts to be honest.

But back to what I'm about to share. The first bit will definitely knock many of my readers back into defensive positions, but if you guys can get a grip and go past that into the actual information, you are going to go wait, wut...

I screenshotted these for source since so many twitter accounts keep being taken down. Ask yourselves why in the world they'd want to take down honest information about how the world really works...

This is what an intel 'dump' looks like from someone who is either an insider or got it from someone who is or did the deep dark research to find all this. This level of info can usually be validated upon doing one's own research. These kinds of drops are rare and fleeting and usually disappear after a few days. If you want to know what is really going on, you look for data dumps and intel drops.

If you really want to know who and what you are defending when you auto-reshare viral 'news', read on. If you truly don't care how you look after you've had a chance to wake up to truth, by all means close your eyes and go back to auto-resharing pure crap designed to keep you, and I will say it, stupid. Personally, I think this shit is scarier than anything you've ever read in your life. Yes, go find out what is behind the wet-ware patent...

Brief brain palate cleanse before the plunge. Remember, hold out past the automatic disdain. Some of you won't make it and will miss the reveal of the century.

Ok, here we go.

Did you catch that? We are wet-ware.

There's that word again, wet-ware.

That was 78 snips. There are hundreds more. This account just goes on and on with stuff. The link to this particular thread, again, is here. The "Stellar Wind" info just a couple more tweets down from where I left off is extremely interesting.

In case you want to look up wetware. wikipedia

Notice in the tweets above that we were patented as wetware in 1999. Wikipedia didn't tell us that.

Our biological organisms are part of political policy regarding tech development and how that tech is handled.

I didn't see us getting to vote on that or be informed it even exists, much less have any level of imput into how we are mass monitored as units for plugins from tech giants.

Since way before the cell phone, guys.

I think I've mentioned before that an entire dog brain has been digitally copied to the cloud, and a human is either in line or being worked on.

So did you catch that about Zuckerberg? I guess his wetware was actual property. He got programmed, and I'm not making a joke. He does and says what he is told.

And I'm sure you've at least heard Robert Mueller's name in the news. Now you have some background on what the actual hell.

I've said we are owned a few times. In case you're curious how long I've been saying it publicly.

You guys didn't see how long that took, but I thought that was worth keeping. That was barely a snippet of so much stuff I've been digging up researching this last year. Me and many others, turning the internet inside out, sifting out all the stuff that gets buried. You don't see that when you restrict your feeds to only what you want to believe while you are keeping blinders and even blindfolds on.

You guys wanna just sit and watch a documentary narrated by your fave actor 'scientist' and think you're smarter for that. You'll quote what you passively let slide into your eyes and defend it against anyone saying differently. You'll even mock those who discover real proofs and evidence.

Julian Assange is being called Neo in the anon circles. He is almost on the level of Jesus now, and if you're politely chuckling at the absurdity, ask yourselves why he's *really* being held so long.

Julian just got his Australian passport. link

Mainstream media is not our God, although most of America acts like it is. They want you to believe they have your best interest for truth and all that, but when all the hundreds of stations identically read the same paragraphs every single day (bless the anons who compile those for youtube, they really crack me up), it's obvious every major news source is extremely scripted by someone who oversees all of it.

The U.S. government is still embroiled in a war that should be curling all our toes. It's intense and terrifying. If you have no clue what I'm even talking about, you are a pull-string doll, mimicking the mainstream news. And it's not really your fault, we have all been slaves for decades. Orwell's 1984 is probably a joke for them. It's so diluted and microscopic compared to real life going on. Orwell, in hindsight, is like a mosquito bite one might get during a tsunami taking out a city. This is hard to comprehend until you step past the blinders and start really looking around outside of your carefully controlled life. It's hard to imagine the biggest political war in history quietly going on all around us.

Don't be afraid to step out of your safe zones. We're all affected by these things, and if what I'm finding is real (millions of us now confirming that it is), our lives might actually depend on it.