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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

the right thing

I remember when I was pretty young, my little sister and I were doing the dishes (back then kids did dishes), and she told on me when I didn't rinse the silverware and just put them straight into the drainer. I was so young that I assumed everything disappeared as the water dried, and didn't think about the soap film drying on with whatever microscopic particles might dry on as well while clinging to the soap, because that is what soap does, captures particles and oils. I remember I was immediately affronted by her yelling for mom about skipping a step, because I was a bit bossy, as older sisters go, but she was right. Even if she was not aware of it yet, skipping a step like that could affect our health and safety.

I also remember years later when my baby sister (I had two sisters, this one is ten years younger) got in my face with her long nails threatening to tear my face if I didn't shut up. I could be a bit mean with my brand of humor back then, and even though I thought I was being clever, I got shoved against a wall with her nails in my face and eyes that I knew weren't kidding. So even though I was affronted by her rudely threatening me, I realized very quickly that maybe I'd better think about what I'm saying next time, because being awful about others outweighs being clever.

Julian Assange has sat in virtual confinement and house arrest for years for trying to speak up about skipping steps concerning our health and safety and cruelty to others. Parts of his old leaks contain reveals about uranium one and other parts contain reveals about child trafficking rings. A lot of people in very high places never wanted information like this to become public.

It's public now. It's been going around mainstream media not properly reporting on developments and has gone viral with the Q movement. Julian Assange is no longer trapped, and the world is about to see how ugly things have really gotten because others others either didn't stand up for health and safety and cruelty or were murdered for doing so.

See something, say something.

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