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Sunday, June 23, 2019

a breeze of change flicking the leaves

Life used to be so much easier.

Things have really changed.

Remember back in 2016 when I blogged about the Illuminati logo and my stats went so nuts hammering me that I actually pulled it back into private for awhile, but it has never stopped since then? I have literally moved blogs twice, twitter twice, folded facebook down to nearly nothing, and my literally dead blogs are still getting HAMMERED. Maybe not as hard any more, but every. single. day.

I wrote- I think it's interesting that everyone misses this is its own brand, or logo. It says "This is a high quality product for use in your projects. We guarantee your satisfaction."

Guess what. It's all over the place now.

That actually goes back to the olden days with the Beatles, but it's not a conspiracy any more. Four years ago it was still a conspiracy. The Illuminati have their own website now, and they actually say they'll hand you wealth if you agree to do as they say. It's all out in the open now.

So. I stuck my toe in the water. I dared to write real things about entertainment and business and world politics when it was still really taboo, maybe not so much noticeably, but very noticed. Especially when I mentioned Plato. Interdasting.

I was tossing around not even writing this post, but something happened this month, and then something happened this week, and I'm done. Not with writing, oh no. I'm done being prissy about it. I'm done with the bullshit spamming my stats every single day. Oh, it's not personal, they're just bots. Then explain to me how bots noticed within the hour that I installed a widget with a twitter feed to my anon Q follower account even though I never mentioned it anywhere and none of my friends and family caught it. Explain to me how EVERY public blog I own on blogger was rifled through systematically with nasty filthy porn spam links pinging me silly after I have been very publicly standing up as anon against human trafficking, child porn, and murder. Explain to me how this wasn't happening like a daily attack before I did that and within the hour has been happening every single day now from ONE Ukrainian source, hundreds and hundreds of hits. In one month flat, I've had more hit spam from that one source over all my blogs than any other source aside from my social medias, which I stopped sharing links to ages ago because of this problem.

Last thing I want is my friends all being dragged under the bus with me. I distanced myself from everyone hoping no one else would be affected. Well, today it seemed a bit obvious that my favorite family friendly discord was hit on every available channel with a filthy porn link after I very recently started writing publicly again...

You think I'm taking it too personally?

See, the brilliance is right here, again, something I brought up pre-Q, this was 2016.

Benkachu (get it? Ben caught you...)

All it has to be is cute, clever, brilliant, fun, intriguing, mystifying, captivating, thrilling, ad infinitum, and it's in our brains. That's how memes work, how art works, how the human mind works.

Disclaimer- I still love entertainment, I love fandoms, I love the creativity and group mind hug feels.

But I've gotta be honest and really blunt. I don't like the mind control.

It's wonderful, isn't it, feeling so group across the world on twitter when we watch our shows together. We feel part of all the things. But what we aren't noticing is the sheer brain training.

  • Stay on schedule.
  • Find your group.
  • Stay inside the lines, aka peer pressure, loneliness, habitual addiction.
  • Share and reshare until the share roots dig deep into your souls.
  • Feel loved, feel stabbed in the back, learn not to feel, stir the feels till you don't know anymore.
  • Don't stop and think.
  • Fight with people who question or interrupt your group pathology. Hate them. Block them.
  • Panic when you lose connection. You must stay connected.

Do you know how easily controlled we are like that?

When I started going against the grain, it was inevitable that my friends stop retweeting, and even mute me. That's fine, I did the same to some of them. No one has to see my feed. But then a few unfollowed. That's fine, too. I realized we really were on different paths and I gotta do my own thing. Once it hit me that some of the tweeting going on around me was in direct (not in comments) rebuttal to my own tweeting, I realized that some of them were trying to be polite and not actually debate or fight with me, which I utterly respect, and I decided the kindest thing I could do, given the research I kept belching up out of the rabbit holes, was cut my friends loose so they wouldn't even have to worry about hurting my feelings. If they didn't want to see it, they were welcome to unfollow, no hurt feelings, no big deal, right?

I love my friends.

But years and years of the same patterns over and over... was no one else even questioning it? Or noticing how quickly and easily we feel shut down if we go against the grain? And the biggest question of all, since I felt I ran with a higher than usual intellectual crowd, was why were they repeating memes of actors playing characters like that locked the argument down on any kind of truth? It seemed mockery had become the final say in thought process, and I was horrified to see everyone around me doing it without even diving into the deeper researches to find actual truths.

I'm going to pick on poor Ben because everyone knows him and everyone knows I'm a bit if a fan, ok? Nothing personal, just he's a great example because he's so totally world famous now.

Ben is a nice guy. We know this because he looks like a nice guy. He is a lovable, adorkable guy that gets to globe trot around meeting and greeting with anybody and everybody. What a cool job! Realistically, Ben is human and gets tired and snappy like the rest of us. He worked hard for where he is now, and who wouldn't love that kind of life? It's rough leaving home so much to film, but what an opportunity! Actors are like that, right, they are extra cool people with cool lives (that explode into meltdowns a little more often per capita than most job descriptions, but we generally forgive them for that), and we spend money to keep up with what they're doing.

There have been a few actors and employees of actors lately that are going to prison, though. Well, sometimes actors here or there go to prison, but seems like lately it's been a little extreme... These will click out.

Former vice president of Walt Disney sentenced to more than 6 years in Portland sex abuse investigation I'm not a Disney fan. Something about Disney child actors/singers turning out to be really messed up sexpots and stuff.

Dalai Lama was paid $1 MILLION to endorse women-branding 'sex cult' (NXIVM) after secret deal between Buddhist's celibate U.S. emissary and his Seagram billionaire 'lover' Actually, I've been wondering about the Dalai Lama world trotting to meet so many world leaders, including the Pope.

Ex-Member Sues Church (Scientology) For Kidnapping, Human Trafficking & Stalking We all knew a few celebrity Scientologists...

A cult leader known as “John of God” has been accused of running a sex slave farm and selling babies to the highest bidder on the black market. Egads, Oprah loves this guy... an episode of Oprah in 2010 devoted to him raised his profile exponentially.

Ok, back to Ben. Ben's a good guy, right? So he wound up in college with other guys from 'nice' families, like a Rothschild, a prince of some country or other, etc. That doesn't really mean anything, does it? I mean, it's not like he's related to half the U.S. founding patriarchy and a slew of other actors... If you start looking up genealogies of other celebs and politicians, you'll be almost dumbfounded realizing how related all the 'upper crust' of them are, despite their actual real life stories giving no indication of this network.

So immediately we get a visual of just a small bit of how this 'family tree' works.

I have genealogists in my family too, so I know where I come from going back at least 400 years. Yes, a bit of upper crust shows up, but nothing like this... I mean, if someone really got on it, I might find out I'm a 15th cousin to John Denver or something, but you wouldn't get a list of living socialites, right? Most of us in fandoms really don't have that level of bragging rights.

Again, not picking on Ben, he's a demo. I love him, most of you love him, he's awesome.

But some of Ben's friends might be getting a little nervous. They might have friends or friends of friends who could be associated with other upper crusters starting to make the news with weird crimes and stuff, right. Like sex with kids kind of stuff. Actually, Hollywood is rife with rumors going back decades, and plenty of gossip, but it seems like lately, a few of them are suddenly in big trubba.

Like this title. NXIVM: 'SMALLVILLE' STARS TOM WELLING, MICHAEL ROSENBAUM BREAK SILENCE ON CO-STAR ALLISON MACK'S ROLE IN CULT Sadly, there were other names involved in this case to start a domino effect that will soon avalanche.

That is going to open up a pretty big can of worms. The big questions for us regular people being detained in our social groups per peer pressure is going to be whether we will continue to tolerate the secrecy or want the veil peeled back so we can see how deep this goes.

And how are we going to feel if it touches our favorite actors? Being part of the anon gangs now, in and out of the digital army slipstreams on twitter, I've already had time to adapt to some of the more horrific things some of our favorite celebrities and music artists have done to reach levels of stardom and world fame that no one else can ever reach without a major boost up from normalized institutions that we will soon find out cover for and even invest in and promote human trafficking on a world scale.

I've already braced myself. I already know the norm at the top is like Fight Club. I already know a list of names going down. I'm sad that Ben has been associated in the industry with some of those names. I'm sad thinking about how deep this club goes, but people are dying over it. Some celebrities get suicided, and they even try to tell us something is going to happen and they need to say stuff, and suddenly they're gone and all the medias go viral with depression hotlines. Pretty sure depression didn't kill Anthony Bourdain...

And here's where it's going to get rough. When news comes out about fave celebs doing something horrible to little kids, it will probably crash fandoms, and the superfans might even become so disillusioned and depressed that they might self torture or even kill themselves. I remember stories of Japanese girls killing themselves when a superstar died, stuff like that. There will be things that will be so awful that some people will literally start throwing up, and will feel sick for days. They won't be able to sleep, and their jobs or school work will suffer for it.

I've already been through this. They say those who know don't sleep. Well, I stopped sleeping for an entire year after I left my first husband, because it was so hard dealing with the fact that I'd married a pedophile who quite probably murdered at least one person on top of raping children. That's sickening even decades later to remember. I've also already been through my best friend being viciously murdered during a brutal rape, and it's a pretty famous case, so I can actually read about it when I think I can handle it, although I spent many years being emotionally shut down over it.

There is a pretty rough wind starting to blow, and I know some people I care about are going to have a very hard time feeling very sick about the fallout when it finally happens. Personally, I'm praying for Ben. Whatever deals he's made to wind up at the forefront of the industry, I really hope he steps up for truth. I know what I think of him is really based on characterization and that is based on his acting skills, which means he could easily lie and we'd all still love him.

One more thing. I know the things Ben said about Julian Assange. I know the letter Julian sent to Ben. I know that I'm on Julian's side, and that Julian is seen by millions now as a real hero. Ben is just an actor. But while Ben has enjoyed the luxuries that his career playing other people has brought to him, Julian has stood his ground for truth against years of house arrest and death threats.

The Storm is coming. The world is about to change. I stand by Julian Assange, by Q and the anons that make up the digital army, and by all the children still being trafficked by very rich people into service as sex slaves for rent or purchase. I refuse to say it's ok for these people to run the world, and I refuse to close my eyes and pretend everything is ok while I chant in rhythm on social media watching entertainment on cue on a flickering screen.

It's time to wake up now. They're coming to save the children.