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Saturday, August 27, 2022

this isn't a revolution

I just rolled this out on twitter but I'm going to put it here in case that account goes poof. 

It started with me quoting an earlier tweet I made quoting Elon's tweet.

Let's define civilization, though. Macro? Micro? World trade? International commerce? I'm not against more babies and people, but civilizations are what we make them. The problem imo is how unknowledgable we've all become of basic survival even in small groups.

I decided today that needs more context.

I might say this in easier to understand context. Engineered pop collapse is the bigger risk because it means the controllers will ultimately gain more control over everything in our lives. The fewer we are, the harder it'll be to resist or fight back, the crueler they can be enforcing how we live. When pops 'collapse', stuff looks so dire that we will do what we're told to survive, even if it means congregating into huge surveilled smart cities as the new nation-states, lockdown with no more travel, no property rights. We'll be manageable.

Smart agriculture will feed us, smart tech will maintain us, and highly controlled population will become the new city-state religion. We'll be happy and not own anything, just like they say. We'll be monitored and evaluated and we will behave.

THAT is the death of civilization as we know it. If you don't believe me, why was this tweet shadowbanned.

Whatever else is going on, good or bad, yay or nay, I'm not seeing the UN agenda 2030 being slowed down. If you haven't looked into that yet (I read that stuff in 2009 on their website), if you are not alarmed at how well they're orchestrating population genetics saturation, if you're not seeing the border problem as population genetic mixing before the final city-state lockdowns coming, you're not understanding human breeding and control systems. Healthy populations are the goal for smart cities. The covid-vax die-off is weeding out the sick.

You may not remember me saying this.

Did you guys notice they've stopped doing census? I learned census in one of my degree programs. Census shows pop change over time. Counters watching trending are now using world death counts and comparing to census populations. Some are reporting deaths worldwide from everything have risen markedly since the vax rollout. News isn't telling us we are dying off. News isn't investigating the destruction of food facilities hiding overages. News isn't keeping up with drastic world changes while they repeat the same things over and over distracting us.

We think things are still the same because they raised gas prices and we still see cars on highways. We think it's the same because we still see people in schools and at work. We aren't noticing the people dropping off the radar, the houses going empty, the quiet buy-ups.

We see new construction and assume everything must still be ok, but we aren't questioning who is sponsoring the construction, what is changing about construction, and how the new constructions are shaping future population movement. For example, a small city sort of near my area is exploding with new construction. Amazon warehouse is coming, another airport is coming, new residential is coming, schools literally built back to back to back, new businesses booming, but the key is this city is close enough to a bigger city to grow into a utilities add-on.

We are literally watching the development of a smart city. All the new traffic cams, all the new cell towers, all the new zoning requirements, all the new restrictions and regulations, all the people moving into the regulated areas. Think it's not coming? Ask how all this construction is happening after worldwide lockdowns, so many people not working, and money on the brink as news reports economy near collapse. I'm pretty sure all that is a front, part of a much bigger control plan. We will be stopped in our tracks economically so we will comply.

There is way too much incongruity going on to not see this. There is way too much not being explained or even looked into sliding under all our radar. This isn't making logical sense if the world is the way they're reporting it on the news.

The controllers are in control, and I'm not seeing that changing despite all the white hat talk. If anything, I'm seeing white hat talk keeping another set of sheep subdued into believing all they have to do is wait... it's almost time... soon... it will be biblical.

If you are waiting to be saved somehow, you're not actively figuring out how to survive this. Old testament was about surviving occupation and enslavement for 400 years at a time. Will your lineage survive? Are you teaching your children how to keep belief close to the vest?

How much of this started before our grandparents were born? Weather manipulation, particle accelerators, propaganda, grid technologies over free energy technologies- ALL of this started over 100 years ago. ALL of this is part of a much longer plan. TRUST THE PLAN. 🤔 Which one?

I would love nothing more than for white hats to source link hard evidence of actual resistance and fighting back. ACTUAL. Not something that blends in or covers over or purports. I am a very patient person, but I'm watching people die off by the millions. THAT.

As long as there is die-off, it's really hard not to see both white hat and black hat agendas on the same track. I would love to see, actually see, good guys that are doing something besides legalism. If legalism is the bottom line, this isn't a revolution.