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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

of course this happens after I dump statcounter

This next tweet was one of those accidental wins but it was on the wrong account. I was disentangling the political stuff from my tweet gangs by moving my gang stuff to a rarely used account already in place, right? But I got in a hurry one day and forgot which account I had open on my phone.

Boom. I haven't been retweeted so hard in ages.

Nice analytics, too, you can see in this next one over 3K impressions. Even my best live tweets for scifi shows don't get this kind of eyes on.

But the day before that, a link to a blog post outstripped even that one. I NEVER got that on my regular Pinky twitter.

So joke's on me, I start running with the #QArmy and my stats go wild. I'm pure blind with just blogger stats, can't see the nuts and bolts of incoming, only some vague numbers and areas.

But if this is any indication, maybe some of you reading this need to catch up, because the articles calling this Q thing a flop is laughably desperate. Here are the easiest best ways to pick this up.

QClock explained it's a fun little game
#QClock on twitter and all these nice people help you get it faster

the qanon hub all the links in one place to many things

qmap.pub easier for me to read than the chans

deep state mapping project and downloadable map basically how all the dots connect

great awakening map the reason WHY qanon is part of a bigger plan

"The Great Awakening Map is the quintessential red-pill navigational chart for Escaping the Matrix and Returning to Source.

The map has been spotted on 8chan in accompaniment with the Q-Map and Deep State Mapping Project, and has served a vital role in The Great Awakening across the entire globe.

Over a decade of metaphysical research was collected prior to the map's release in mid-2018. Its continual design is produced and updated by Art House—the award-winning, international artist and researcher Champ Parinya."

Basically, in my own words, Q is the legalese making it possible to avoid a military coup, which would have happened if Trump hadn't won. You think I'm joking. I'm not joking. You guys who still think Illuminati is a joke and deep state is Trump have no idea how close we literally got to New World Order. Which isn't a joke, either. I know I have sounded crazy, but two years ago it was easy to say yeah, I'm legit crazy but this is what I think. Now there are tens of millions of people in 140+ countries hoping Q wins because this is a world phenomenon, and the ONLY reason Americans don't know this stuff is because we have been so lulled into complacency triggered responses that we can't believe anything any more unless we see 40 different television news channels repeat each other word for word every time something happens, which is continual. We are so trained to negatively respond and then tune out that we don't have a clue how owned we are. We have no idea what's even true, and all it takes is a picture or news blurb going viral to completely wreck us with hopelessness, anger, and despondency. It's almost impossible to feel good about life and humanity the way social medias and the 'news' keep wrecking us up every day. So when something good and cool and actually fun happens, like this huge mystery about real life and solving puzzles while the clock ticks and everyone starts talking together about things we're not supposed to talk about so the news has to shame us and then medias have to start shadowbanning us and taking down tens of thousands of accounts on twitter and facebook and instagram....

I was sneaking Pinky under the radar. I was still getting really good traffic, so I kept pushing a little more in here and there, and then one day I caught it being shadowbanned. My analytics all but crashed, and I had the proof via link clicks that I had way more traffic coming through medias than medias said I had. When someone is profiting off using people as products the way medias do and then start cutting those people off for having opinions even when it means they lose money over it... Facebook is rumored to fail since this started, guys, they literally sliced their own wrists doing this.

You don't think it's a big deal? Why in the world are they trying so hard to make the Q thing go away so y'all won't look at it or take it seriously, even if it means they lose business over it?

So I moved over to another account that's not shadowbanned and boom. Eyes on.

What comes next?

prepare for change solar flash event is coming
Divine Cosmos David Wilcock
Sphere-Being Alliance Corey Goode

Personally, the way I caught up over the year was by catching every hijacked David Wilcock video I could find on youtube, and pretty quickly that included Corey Goode. I'm not a Gaia subscriber, so I found the pure stuff. Linda Moulton Howe is awesome too.

I'm not the sort who wastes time or gets emotionally caught up. I'm autist, I sift through stacks of information very rapidly. I guess my brain is naturally made for that or something. I combed the desert, as they say, and I found plenty of gold, but it did take months for me to come to conclusions yay or nay, layered nefarious setups vs real hope. And honestly, I don't see any other way out. If Q is real, huzzah. If not, then we're rats in traps with no hope of rescue, because who else can possibly do something this big?

I never meant to get sidetracked like this, but this is important.

Here is a link to our Q discussions on discord with Q42. It will expire in 24 hours. There is supposed to be a Q&A tonight. You're welcome to check it out.