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Friday, November 16, 2018


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Today I learned the difference between publication services and marketing services. My publication services are prepaid, so here's to being hopeful this is the year. I still have *looks at watch* 6 weeks, give or take.

And since I'm shutting down half my medias and accounts, looky there, all that play time opening up in my schedule.

That was my first successful phone meeting with a publisher in 5 years. I now have a publishing consultant and an editor.

Oddly, this is one of my brain drain days. I'm barely functioning. Kinda funny that what I consider barely functioning nowadays is like lightning compared to 5 years ago. I feel quaintly repressed. I don't have any 5G around me yet to blame it on. It's sunny out (I had to go make sure and peek out the blinds after I read that on intellicast because the bright light nerve pain thing is still a thing), so I can't blame changing barometric pressure. I think high pressure is harder on me than lower pressure. I've always like dark rainy days. Whatever it is, not yet dismissing I might be starting a virus @bonenado has gunked through all week. I feel like the Monday after New Year's weekend, so yeah, barely functional. 5 years ago it would have taken me hours just to write this one paragraph, so huzzah?

I was barely blogging last year around this time, so maybe it's a pre-Thanksgiving depression thing. I think I was figuring out I was on my own again. Ah, yes, another post confirms. There we go. The inside of my head always keeps the time before than the me on the outside. At least I got the Pinky thing figured out.

Srsly, if I didn't blog I'd be lost all the time.

Also, it hit pretty hard today that if I do this, I'm finally taking this hurdle head on.

I started a clan called REAPER on the server today since I'm the one packing up all the abandoned claims. I feel like the grim reaper of minecraft. And no one can be in my clan. Just me. I think the clan tag will look ominously cool with my staff tag.

[REAPER][Tech-Moderator]YabloVH: I told you stop picking up other people's pets. Next time you amulet a stray pet is a ban.

Still festive.