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Saturday, December 1, 2018

soooo much happening hard and fast but where is my head...

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I haven't been checking stats anymore because I broke the chain of stat addiction, but apparently I still have a readership, and even though I no longer have facebook or push updates regularly, people are coming here on their own anyway. So I'm taking the day off from tech-moderating the game server to share. There is a lot. Pretend I handed out coffee and tacos.

Here's a teaser.

Y'all know me, I can't get through a convo like that without bringing up Lexx being prophetic. But first, buckle up. What you probably need to understand before we go any further is that the group I'm hanging out with has years of inner circle intel and operations on the ground experience.

Here is the Vimana article that was linked.
Was A 5,000 Year Old Vimana Unearthed in Afghanistan?

Apparently the term "time wells" is an inner intelligence circle designation for that kind of anomaly.

Tesla was very important because he demonstrated how easily and cheaply energy is to spread to the masses. Well, that got squashed, and a bunch of his documentation went missing. Off the subject where I'm going, Trump's uncle worked with Tesla. Y'all can throw that into searches if you aren't familiar while I get back to my think path.

I had asked "You mentioned a team, same team throughout, or meeting up here and there with other teams?" and Q42 had answered "Several small teams make up a league. No, it has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with immediate environment. Some lifestyles just don't mesh with awareness."

Again, because I get excited about anything that denotes timeline discontinuity.

Anonwulfhund said "What caused the 8 troops to vaporize? Tesla was experimenting with the same technology when he patented his UFO design using Tesla coils filled with mercury" So that is how Tesla and red mercury enter the time discontinuity part of the convo. Skipping for now over the timelines that won't allow the construction of red mercury, I brought Spock into the picture. I have some memorable rants on the webs about red matter. However, I never throw out the entire bath. I believe scifi holds many truths.

Click to see what ORME has to do with the Philosopher's Stone. May as well also look up red mercury.

And now y'all just recalled all your Harry Potter training, lol. Truth in fiction, guys.

"No one is currently making red Mercury because it cannot exist in our time line."

I asked "Who changed it from how it used to be?" and he answered "In a nutshell, we are in a permanent loop. CERN is created, time goes by and they discovered the Higgs boson particle. What they didn't realize is that the Higgs boson actually created our own Big Bang. So time resets, billions of years go by, humans evolved and built CERN, discovered the Higgs boson and it is creating paradox universes that seem familiar but aren't. String theory says we shouldn't notice, but it also says we could. So, are we our own creators?"

Let that all sink in.

In a short Q&A burst we already touched on so many different theoretical philosophical scientific and science fiction scenarios that, if you are like me, scenes from literally hundreds of television shows are flying through your minds, not to mention the possibility of real time travel, time looping, and the Mandela effect everyone is crazy about right now.

And, of course, I was about to add to that. Here you go, Lexx fans.  You can see more about this on my Lexxperience post The Dark Zone and the Cycles of Time. Lexx fans have been discussing time as a loop cycle for 2 decades.

Quick look at 8chan (grabbed on my phone so not linked)-

Prince on the beach about choice in season 3 of Lexx, anyone?

And then I wrote "You mentioned the CERN pipe theory you had, was it because of this "The LHC first went live on 10 September 2008,[53] but initial testing was delayed for 14 months from 19 September 2008 to 20 November 2009, following a magnet quench incident that caused extensive damage to over 50 superconducting magnets, their mountings, and the vacuum pipe"? I wanna say something creepy, because you said cosmic consciousness. I've had a beef with the Illuminati entertainment industry for years burying Lexx for being too truthful and waking people up, and the key element in the last season was the Higgs Boson, and the overarching theme was time goes in a circle.", but by then I think the convo was being diverted. You know me, it's really hard to let something go once I get my focus on.

And here we might have our answer.

Another quick look at 8chan-

It's very important that we don't let negativity keep the ship stuck, guys. Going on a quick tangent, flipping the way we see things allows us to find many answers..

The end is the beginning.

Q is rocking the ship.

Hang on, guys. It's time. And if you need more while you hang on, this is excellent.
Montauk Project - Victim Exposes Time Travel, Mind Control, Conspiracy Theories And Aliens

Next clicks back to where I got it-

Pointed out by @primecreator2 to those of us watching. Why Venus? Maybe because originally we come from Mars by way of Venus. We may have a much longer history in our solar system than we know, and we may be finding out for sure within our lifetimes.