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Tuesday, January 15, 2019


I guess I'm going to have to power point so I don't write a book.

  • A person shared this pic in private chat yesterday and now I'm stuck looking up 'cube in information dimension'.

  • And thank you very much, private cube share, quantum AI searches, Qanon and anons going after pedovore networking rings worldwide, the great awakening map (that is awesome cool), and minecraft, I woke up an hour ago from a nightmare that all sentient life in our universe over vast swaths of time had evolved all their planets into solid cube ships like Borg, only made out of minecraft spruce plank blocks, so all 'life' had corrupted into planet sized AI sentiencevore spruce cubes drifting further and further apart into huge lonely voids with no more contact EVER, and I woke up angsting over the very horrible thought- HUMAN FARMING IS UNACCEPTABLE.

  • One of my concerns of late is that the game, qanon, and deep research have all become very tangled. I understand the historical significance of certain family connections to industrial and military development, but I also understand the significance of steering the development out of the hands of the elite. I mean, how else do you do that? It's not my job to play the game and force the share. My job is to focus on my own path.

  • SO. Once more I am scouring accounts, scrubbing them squeaky clean. Youtube had me following some porny stuff, so I took that ship back over and chunked a bunch of stuff overboard. No offense to followers, there's always been a good chance I could lose that channel anyway simply because I rescue other content before it poofs away again.

  • I am starting day 3 of a 4 day pred burst for the cocoa reaction, so my glucose has been hovering in the 170s and I'm having stupid headaches and crabbing out on people. I haven't been very happy about losing my sanity grip this week, so many little things setting me off way too easily, and I think it's because I'm unaccustomed to this. I've been diet controlling since 2011, and while some diabetics might think this isn't too bad, I'm finding it very uncomfortable. Even though I'm so super controlled that my A1C passes me for normal, that doesn't mean spiking doesn't do a bunch of damage when it happens, and I'm feeling it. Sugar shreds tissues, literally. Carbs all reduce to simple sugars. Blood gets sticky and sludgy. Arteries and veins take the hit. Everything else has to live with slower O2 exchange and burnoff waste piling up from muscles, and that starts clogging your lymph all over your body, leading to inflammation, which causes muscle and joint pain and headaches. We do this to ourselves. Count your carbs, guys.

  • Today is finally the dentist. Well, the cleaning and consult. This is the longest I've gone between checkups in over ten years. Between @bonenado's loss of overtime and kiddo's mama's job change, we're juggling two paycuts, so I've been brushing and flossing like crazy all year. Lotta listerene. My gums are great, lol. But, thanks to a tetracycline shot my mom got while I was still a fetus, enamel is crumbling, and we'll be working on a year long monthly plan to rebuild and seal. I haven't had to resort to caps yet because my dentist loves playing with this cool enamel putty that hardens under a curing light, and it's worked for years because I don't seem to get cavities. Just losing enamal chipping off, like my enameled cast iron, which is gross because I don't want enamel in my food. I've been very disappointed in enameled cast iron, have thrown money away 3 times on that. Cookware has become so cheaply manufactured over the decades that it's nothing like the old days. This bullet point digressed, better get off that subject so I don't drag into more rant detail.
I think I ran out anyway. Don't really have that much on my mind... 😂

I need to try going back to bed. This sleeping 3 hours a night thing because of the prednisone is going to play havoc.