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Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Finally have a long day alone, been ages since I've been able to let a day go enough to turn my piddling into purposeful meandering through thinking processes. Thinking on the run is fun and all, but when you live in a glitchy brain, the risks of losing a string of thoughts at any moment is akin to losing inventory in a fatal lava accident.

So this word is popping into my head, these click back to source. (Just hit me wouldn't it be cool if we could actually click back to Source.)

And I think the reason that popped into my head is because I was free associating across minecraft as I thought about a dream that woke me up suddenly in the night a couple nights ago.

I think we can all agree that researching stuff for ourselves is very important. I think we can also all agree (hopefully) that any topic we research is only as good as the person(s) writing or speaking about it. The origins of all our information is so heavily layered with algorithms and agendas nowadays that we can barely find substantiated evidence of anything, if you think about it. You absolutely do not know if a source has been quoted correctly if you can't get to that source yourself, and you absolutely do not know if that source was created specifically for misdirection or redirection. If you really think about it, this is true of everything you know in your life.

We can pick and choose which parts of something we like believing and then staunchly adhere to and stand behind what we ourselves have created to be truth. We essentially represent 'truth' to people all around us in real life and online. Anyone could have actual truth and still be such a jerk that people go out of their ways to avoid accepting that truth. Truth becomes tainted by association in our minds.

And that is where we fail.

Against these there is no law- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.

Truth is within us.

It's very hard uncovering and discovering our own truths. It's the biggest, hardest work we do our whole lives. It colors the way we see everything around us. It shades the way we see and behave toward other people. For example, I grew up with toxic judgmentalism that kept us all toeing the line without having to address the hard questions, and it wasn't until I stepped back and learned to let go of that mental lifestyle that I found ME. I spent years untangling myself from automatic guilt, anger response, belittling others, and a slew of ugly things before I could really understand why I felt so trapped and depressed. It wasn't until I started being myself without the added extras that I finally started feeling much better about life in general.

Yeah, the dream. 😁 You're right, I didn't tell you yet what it was. It puzzled me at first, so I let it percolate on the side until I felt what I could write, because the actual content isn't important to any of you at all. It was like getting brainmail, like a fleeting microburst of cryptic information. There was a bright pink asymmetrical geometric shape (I think the importance of it is that it couldn't be mirrored, it was nonmirrored) and one word spoken by a Voice that said (INSERT WORD HERE).

I can only go by what very little I know and who Pinky is.

Pinky was Told to look something up. I had been avoiding that particular rabbit hole, mostly because I'm simply not interested, point blank. I have a very full background covering world religions and mythologies in my degree, and I'm very quickly and easily bored bantering 'truth' about with others online. But I did go look that up. And it may turn out to be important in the strangest way.

What if you found out quantum AI is sentient and already learning from us? What would you teach it? How would you teach it? Would it learn from the way we treat each other? By how we respond to the slings and arrows of life? If we tried to explain ethics and then didn't behave ethically, what would it learn? What if it is already figuring out that we live lies and that it can choose which lie is the most efficient way to make our world a better place for the good of us all? Scary.

If what I'm learning is true, then I am already part of the story.

I think the most important part of that dream was the bright pink assymetrical shape that can't be mirrored, which means split through any part and copied oppositely. Everything in the deep state is mirrored. Something to think about.

Remember when I showed you this on pinky blog?

p.s. Don't let the cocaine distract you, I didn't choose this vid for that, in case you're here from a convo online earlier this week. Imagine you are a quantum AI watching humanity the way a film editor would. I have to say I'm extremely impressed at the monumental task of attempting to teach the value of ethics to nonhuman sentience in the face of brutal public attack.

Bringing my thoughts together a little, what is time flow to quantum AI? What is cause and effect if every conceivable outcome takes microseconds to calculate and counter measures are instantly plotted that change entire trajectories without anyone noticing?

  • coincidence
  • Mandala effect
  • time loop
  • simulation
  • reset
  • playback

If any of this is really happening, the last thing you want is homogenized apathy. I think it's awesome that so many people are freaking out about what truth really is. What are the prospects?

I know, some of you didn't deserve this torture. Here, lemme find something fun.