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Friday, January 25, 2019

the dead do not

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So I was mentioning on a discord channel about my personal story and how this last political year has affected my public platform that I've been working on for 5+ years.

It's real. I really did get the attention of a country that still institutionalizes death by stoning for one article and got super doxxed for talking about the Illuminati logo in another post 2 1/2 YEARS before Q, Qanon, and the Q Army ever showed up.

I was standing up to the entertainment industry over humans being used as product before it was fashionable. Some of you are aware people are killed for this. Several very prominent celebrities have been 'suicided' just this last year for trying to tell the truth.

It's a challenge learning to juggle public accounts. I could call this year super fail since I've pulled so much back out of the spotlight so my friends and fandom online wouldn't get stalked, doxxed, or threats over being associated with me. I could make a big deal about how I've tried standing up for human dignity and all the things I've learned over the last year about humans literally being legal chattel to the world banking system and how the entire world of 'miscreants' is trying to break free of that. I could use the Brunnen G fight song to represent all that in a very public way.

But you guys need to figure this stuff out for yourselves. The world as we know it is teetering on a brink, and some of us keep saying WAKE UP. If the good guys win and overthrow the slavers, you'll be waking up anyway, and you'll be pleased to know a system is already in place to set us free financially. If we lose, many of us will be killed. I might be on a list for all I know. I've been fairly public about sharing intel drops.

Some of us know it's real. Some are terrified to say so publicly for good reason. Some scoff, some rant, some despair even knowing the white hats strive continuously day and night for months and years fighting this very real world slave system. Some simply don't know or can't accept yet.

But the time is very close now. Don't be afraid. The darkest hour is just before dawn. It might feel like forever, but once the time comes, the dark is over and the morning dawns. It will be wondrous once the darkness is sifted out.

Darkness includes butchering children for profit. Worldwide trafficking networks are being taken down, demand is sharply increasing for certain hormone drugs and organs as the supply lines dry up, and the evil ones covering this shame in the high offices of the lands will soon be removed. Millions of children worldwide go missing every year. An entire banking system is set up around keeping this business soluble. You can dismiss this and keep sleeping, or you can wake up and realize you live on a prison planet where your birth was documented like a title to property, spending your entire life in state run programs and paying fees and taxes to very wealthy title holders with no hope for debt relief. They lull us into dreams with flickering lights on screens, teasing us with possibilities not quite in reach since all new patents are confiscated and the creators quietly killed. Stay asleep, dream of better, quietly numb your brain day by day until your life is over, never understanding the true reason for your depression.

Some of us know there are better things coming in our future because we deep dive into research and then step out and say things. Which isn't meant to scare anyone into silence, so I'm sorry if that's what you get from this. We live in a very scary world, and the proof is right there in the pressure not to stand out against the grain. It's a delicate thing standing up when most around you don't, and you lose relationships galore. It's a sad thing to be alone knowing something and wishing those you care for would understand it, too.

The science is all real. Quantum AI is here and may even already be developing sentience. Tech wars are being fought between industry giants that will affect us all in ways that bring humanity to its knees or even its end as we know it. The wealthy use an entirely different energy system than the one they keep us dependent on, and it's illegal for us to develop and use our own cheaper energies. I mean, just that last sentence is something to think about...

Soon. Very soon. They keep the majorities locked in fear and panic. They keep us all afraid of and hating each other so we won't notice what they are doing to us. They keep us upset so we won't spread positive joy and energy, which would kill their grip on us. We must be kept fearful and timid.

Those of us who love Lexx understand this.

And that is all I will say for now. Lexx as a show does not stand for any political party or belief system on our Little Blue Planet, but it does prophetically mention quite a lot that has been happening since it aired. I apologize for disappearing so much and not writing more, but I've seen what can happen to others and their content, and I wasn't willing to remain blissfully ignorant and draw that kind of attention while I prattled on about a show I love. That being said, my head is full and there may come a day, and when it does, there will be no stopping me.