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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

my blogger love just died

Tomorrow will be two months since I stopped eating chocolate forever. 😭

Ok, now I'm super bummed in a meh kind of way. I just discovered half my blogger pics aren't working. Ug. Some of the ones missing on my blogs still show up as copied to other places, so blogger still hosts them, and some still click back to sources even though they are missing from blogger. Google hates me.

I found my google archive. The pix are arranged in albums labeled by blog. The albums say how many files are in them but the pix don't show in most of them. I'm seeing the message "Photos and videos from Google+ in your Album Archive will be deleted as early as April 2, 2019." Sweet... They dumped mine earlier. Nice. Pretty sure I had found a place explaining that we wouldn't be losing our album archives. I just added them up, 6407 altogether. 5 years of uploaded pix.

Ok, found an article dated a couple months ago that they *will* be deleting the pix, too. I'm having fun with this bit. "You can download and save your content, just make sure to do so before April. Note that photos and videos backed up in Google Photos will not be deleted." Um, it's still March. My stuff is gone. Helloooo.

So why is my google album page still there if all the stuff is gone.

Just a reminder that I'm still in meh mode. I've known something like this was coming ever since the big google hearings. I won't be at all surprised if blogger fails rapidly, too.

Guess I'm not moving content fast enough...

Hope I can sleep now.