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Saturday, March 9, 2019

squinting on the fly

We made it through nearly a solid month of school out for weather, influenza and cold viruses, and more school out for weather, and now that we're finally pulling out of all that, kiddo pukes up a bed and a bathroom and the carpet in between. Might be a fun weekend.

So you guys know I pulled my main blogs out of listing and search engines, right. Apparently that's not a deterrent. If anything, that has made me even more visible now. Can't tell if link sharing is happening or a single person read half the posts on a blog or someone is actively looking for and/or saving content that isn't supposed to be readily searchable any more, but since I let go of statcounter, I've gotta just keep ignoring hundreds of hits coming in on other blogs.

I'm still here, guys. I know I got way more boring and I'm not making it easy lately, but you have all you need to actually find me anywhere and everywhere. And it's not forever. I'm not deleting content.

I still come up in search engines, even using google search on chrome. My pinky blog doesn't come up till second page now for me, but I do clearly get results. This was the first one, lmao. Not long till April, so there you go, my angst in all its glory.

Oh, good lord. This is my public webmii score today. Even closing accounts and going dark I just keep floating higher. 😑 Compare that to the last time I looked. And the time before.


Anyway, life keeps exploding, last night rather spectacularly, and somehow I keep doing things while I feel like I'm drowing in way too much. If I've learned anything from public blogging, it's that my mantra is distraction while I plow through walls, so back to the grind, right. My to-do list just keeps getting longer.

Oh, yeah. It wouldn't be complete without mentioning pollen. Click to go.

Gotta run. Lots to do today.