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Friday, March 8, 2019

the Ides of March

Aesthetics elude me.


Always new and fun ways to discover problematic life challenges may be related to past treatments. I'm experiencing increased neuropathies on doxycycline, so after 7 days of it, naturally I got curious enough to start looking things up. Discovered I'm taking a dose considered high for extreme infections, and I barely got a nod for a sinus infection, so that's a bit aggressive considering the virulent colds and flus and allergies plaguing my area. It's not like I've got a deeply entrenched lower respiratory infection or anything, not even strep. I didn't even have ear infections. But I digress.

So I wandered around doxycycline neuropathy tie-ins and wound up on an article I can't see because I'm not registered and therefore not logged in, but I can see comments, heh. This is completely unrelated because different antibiotic family, but dang if I haven't been pulled off cipro a couple times for severe pain in my legs... And super dang if that didn't happen prior and in conjunction with me becoming so ill that I had to quit work and eventually wound up getting disability on the first try. But here is what Lisa commented in 2014 on that article.

It's nice to see that after the warning label for Ciprofloxacin got to 43 pages, it finally piqued the interest of the medical community. I suppose that a 40 page warning label and thousands of patients screaming about the ill effects of fluoroquinolones wasn't quite enough. There are hundreds of peer-reviewed articles noting that fluoroquinolones have deleterious effects on mitochondria. There are thousands of other peer reviewed articles that note that mitochondrial damage leads to oxidative stress which leads to multi-symptom, chronic illness. Mitochondrial damage and ensuing oxidative stress have been connected with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Gulf War Syndrome, Autism, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinsons and many other chronic illnesses. Those in the medical profession have been negligent as they have looked the other way while giving out millions of prescriptions for these drugs. It's not that difficult to put together the pieces - the rise in chronic, multi-symptom, "mysterious" diseases of modernity have gone up hand in hand with prescriptions for fluoroquinolones. The effects of these drugs are often delayed and there is a tolerance threshold for them under which they are well tolerated, but once the individual's tolerance threshold is crossed, they cause chronic illness. Willful ignorance is no excuse when there is this much scientific, peer reviewed evidence damning these toxic drugs. Keep saying that severe adverse effects are rare - it won't become true, but it might make you feel better about the sorry state of medicine.



I'm enjoying my yearly spring cleaning fever, purging a bit more than usual this go-round. Threw a pile of old tupperware away that my mom couldn't throw away 20+ years ago when she gave it to me, and she died ten years ago, so... Got to thinking about her parents' generation being the one caught between abject poverty with bread lines and the sprouting of dime stores and fashion in retail across 'Murica, and suddenly people were able to afford nice things. My grandmother had full collections of bells, carnival ware, fine china and especially teacups, and more. My mom traded fine things for real life, preferring to give money away to others needing help even to the point of her own poverty, but somehow some of the collecting of things turned into her own odd and unique piles that she couldn't seem to simply let go of. Some of it came home with me one day, and I seem to have been dealing with weird compulsions to use everything up until it's useless (like the older gens) and other weird compulsions to purge it out and let it go (donation bins, recycling centers, trash...), and I guess I've developed the oddest loyalty to the old tupperware. I barely use it, lids missing, the old plastic seems to be aging somehow (breaking down? *ew*), and I realized yesterday that an entire section of cabinet could be opened up by just letting all that go.

If you think about it, the gens growing up under those mind skews wound up becoming a weird kind of guilt hoarder, and half our houses are devoted to salvage for things previous gens couldn't throw away. I cannot tell you how I loathe looking at swaths of my life in this house struggling with that. I had dreams of how I wanted to do this house, 25+ years have slid past me now, and the money is no longer there and I no longer care. I realized my entire life has actually been about sorting and sifting through other people's trash.

Oh, well.

I'm trying to get back on track with my CPAP. I got bombed off during the 2 week cold, and even a week into doxy for resulting sinus infection has me still dealing with mild snot and super plugged ears. Somehow I've made it past cedar and juniper pollen to spring pollen and I haven't once dealt with actual allergies as far as I can tell (I continued the zyrtec throughout regardless) until the last couple days. My head was too full of virulent snot the whole time to be able to respond to pollen at all. How convenient.

I was wondering a few days ago how I don't miss chocolate since I stopped eating it, well, being a snothead for a solid month can certainly get in the way of enjoying food. I sincerely don't miss chocolate at all.

Pinky blog was thoroughly searched for 'xanax and coffee' the other day. Thoroughly. Completely unlisted Pinky blog to search engines, and they're still coming in on cached. I did a very good job with that blog. I showed y'all how to play the game, and it still goes on without me. Also, since unlisted it, I can see other search engine referrals taking over. Google doesn't own the whole internet, apparently.


The Ides of March are upon us.

Don't ignore that.