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Saturday, March 2, 2019

understanding who we've come to be, perhaps

EMG was just arms this time, confirmed not spine (thankyouthankyou), so next step is touch base with shoulder doc sometime this spring, likely cortisone shot next. Had yearly with endocrinologist last month, said he had pinched nerve in shoulder and that's a pretty brutal condition to live with, so validation, yay. I'm sure my former physical therapy team's toes would all be curling watching me still powering through, although I've been learning to move differently so the inflammation can abate. The referring pain hasn't been nearly as jolting last few weeks. Neurologist confirmed yesterday that the inflammation and pain can totally refer back all over the place, so everything on left side from neck to ribcage being involved isn't a surprise. It's up to me to REST.

Body: Pinky, dear, the doctors said to get some REST.

Brain, not looking up and finally calling back after a few minutes of not appearing to have heard: Just a minute, mom, I'm still doing this thing. And this list of things. And that other thing.

Yeah, like that.

Meanwhile, all the needle sites are whiny.

~wandering off for hours~

I usually don't let myself 'go there', the ol' self infliction thing, but about 8 tense seconds slipped in where I thought about how difficult it's been over this last year holding fatness to a stable plateau (I'm so surprised sometimes it's not worse) when a particular node in the lower back of my brain conglomerate cleared its little throat to get my attention and then reminded me I'm still 25 pounds under my worst and never gained that back in the meantime all these years, and a jillion little huzzahs went up in all the surrounding nodes, and I have felt much better about it all day.

So this happened.

Notice the support Notch got.

Then this happened, lotta my friends actually probably saw this.

Then this happened.

Ok, how many of you know what that means, "It's time for the Q"?

No one has asked Trump yet "Who is Q?" Because he's obviously 'working with' Q, whatever or whoever that is, and the 'news' certainly hasn't asked in an official capacity because they're afraid of opening a big ol' can of worms.

By the way, if you don't know who Notch is, that's sad.

From all accounts I've run into, the Q team is 7 both active and retired military officers, and 3 non military, presumably one being POTUS.

Q clearance is a real thing, which has probably lent to mainstream trying to force it into 'conspiracy'.

The significance of Q in social media is the way intel has been bypassing mainstream news outlets into social medias to deliver key intelligence to the public in an effort to keep some of the population calmer than they'd have been without any information at all, since we are very literally in a world war the likes of which have never been seen before, because it's mostly being fought digitally. Although mainstream may not publicly appreciate this (ask why they wouldn't jump on the chance to report this themselves), the Q movement has been worldwide for some time now, and whether Americans see it or not, massive political upheaval is going on with Q showing up on medias all over the globe.

It should be very concerning that Americans in general seem to be the least aware of what's really going on with this 'conspiracy' and keep sympathizing with the baddies who literally own the networks and tell people how to think. I never realized just how God our networks have become until the Q movement showed up. I personally think it's more than Orwellian scary that so many people I know are so mesmerized by anything entertainment that they can't seem to think outside the TV box, as it were.

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So that's why I stopped tweeting with my gangs. Everything is changing. There are too many reveals coming out about the entertainment industry for me to enjoy the tweet gangs any more, and I know now why we've been kept so distracted in the first place. To go back to that while I'm trying to keep up with several hours of deep research every single day is just too taxing. Family first.

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Silence against evil is consent.

I can't do that. I'm not sorry.

There are people in the entertainment industry holding their tongues about some very ugly things, probably like people who stay in abusive families even though they know it's unhealthy and even a risk to their own lives. Except entertainers are owned and really do get killed. I'm very angry that we are expected to not only support lifestyles of the rich and famous and hold them up like demi-gods, but give them free passes to bad behaviors just because they are entertainers, which totally covers up and supports the agents and owners above them who not only break laws routinely, but commit abuses on people that would make most of us sick for the rest of our lives if we could see it.

I'm having a very hard time disentangling the information I'm finding (that go far beyond the scant reporting from mainstream) from the blissfully ignorant person I used to be just enjoying television.

If you knew without a doubt, having pictures spread out in front of you, including old photographs and newspaper clippings, about an actor making jokes about all the teenagers and even younger kids they'd taken to bed (read raped), would you be able to watch movies starring them? If you knew someone had died from drug abuse after growing up in Hollywood and trying to tell people how often they'd been raped on TV sets and at parties growing up, would you be able to watch movies starring them?

Now here is the critical question.

If you know that there was an actor who had grown up with and starred in the same movies as those others and was one of the holdouts NOT telling the truth about what really happened, would you ever feel like reading their tweets again?

Because I finally realized just how twisted my life as a fan was looking up to someone who covered for the baddies while their fellow actors were trying to stand up and let people know what was going on.

And then my eyes opened, and I can only now see that actor as someone who is constantly using fame and depression as a way to get attention. Not to really deal.

*I* deal. I don't have an army giving me emotional support no matter what I write every single time I write. My own friends stop talking to me because of stuff like this. I have been more up front and honest about my real life than quite a few people who live in the spotlight, and I feel fairly experienced with dealing with scraping out my soul in front of people, and obviously not getting attention over it.

I've had a lot to think about.

I'm done pretending things are funny when they're disgusting. I see no need or reason to fight against a current I don't fit into. Others will wake up sooner or later, and their waking might be more jolting than mine was if they wait till the floodgates of reveals are finally open and get it all at once. I found a lot of it quite shocking, and I thought I was pretty numb inside all my life. I'm sick, I'm disgusted, and I'm very angry.

I hope the Q plan changes the whole world. I hope all the walls come tumbling down. I hope all the nightmares will soon be over. I hope the nasty bad guys ruining the world all around us get removed out of the way so we can finally live the way we're supposed to, without fear, without everything in our lives around us being toxic, without having to shoulder through every day's depression like the storms of life are our own faults, when all day and night we are shoved around from one institution to another laying out our life plans. Feel stuck where you live? Can't just pick up and move? Exactly my point.

This vid says it perfectly. At some point, you have to ask Why the f* is this person so surrounded by pedophiles?

If pedophilia is becoming normalized as a sexual orientation, and abortion is normalizing being able to kill a baby if it survives a late term abortion, what more needs to happen before we wake up? Because Sharia law creeping into the UK and U.S. sure hasn't done it. Just a reminder that Sharia is known for child brides and honor killings.

It's no longer 'over there'. It's here. Your freedoms to just simply live your lives are nearly gone, and nearly everyone you know is publicly mocking the one man on the planet literally standing up in public to Big Corp, Big Pharma, Big Banking, Big Oil, Big you name it, and he's still alive.

If you knew who to follow on social medias, you'd find the anons who keep track of all the assassination attempts. You'd find the autists who love crunching numbers and keeping tabs and reminding everyone who really said what with actual screenshots and reuploaded interviews and original timestamps and stuff. You'd sift down to the intel team who is really inside legally deconstructing the Fed.

You'd know.

Or you can go watch TV.

Although this one is pretty good. And Hunger Games.