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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

plowing that wall down

The really amazing thing is the ones spinning their wheels out on the other blogs don't seem to be coming here. At all.

Peace and quiet.

Yes, life is going on. I am extremely busy. I'm even sleeping good. I haven't been this capable and this relaxed in years. Ever? Maybe ever. Well, at least in my adult life.

I wrote a post once called hitting that wall. I didn't realize at the time, crawling as I was through another excruciating day mostly just entertaining myself, that I hit gold with that post. I mean, I'm not monetized and have never promoted financially, so no, not talking a glut of visitors, which is misleading anyway. But it has been seen in a few countries over a span of time, and I know you guys know exactly what that post is all about. No matter what your situation and living conditions, you pretty much gotta find a way to game up your life and solve the roadblocks. Like two years after that I wrote gathering moss, which was one aspect of getting past another really big wall in my life.

I'm apparently up, over, and far beyond the wall I originally wrote about. I don't even remember how, when, what it took. All I know is that somehow, it happened, and I realized one day that wall is no longer in my way, and when I look back, it's almost a tiny dot behind me.

So. Many. Years. spent trying to get over or through or around that wall.

I want to be even busier. I want to get back to the work I started on here. I'm really sorry I haven't been able to, but I am so thrilled I am so busy that all I can do is wish.