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Saturday, November 10, 2018

au revoir livre de mon visage

I have been folding up shop on facebook. I keep hearing that they are losing big ground and possibly on their way out. I never meant to make such a big camp over there, but between their massive censoring of pages, groups, and even personal walls and droves of people shutting their accounts and leaving, I see no sense keeping any kind of base camp there. Excepting for the small personal interaction feeds, the rest is nearly dead compared to 5 years ago. Facebook ushered in Big Brother like no other media on the planet, and I'm tired of the data breaches (I've been directly affected and personally intruded upon because of that several times), the continual settings readjustments (I could make a list of things we no longer have real control over), and the ridiculous witch hunts while the sex farming accounts remain with no real way to report them for content even when they use the words "sex slave" and give contact numbers.

I remember how disappointed I was in certain celebrities when I wrote this note on facebook. Conservative Hollywood rose up against Obama, and went dormant when Trump showed up. I personally don't care about that bit. What I care about is how obvious the puppetry front is. Of course we have programmed 'nice' celebs who run little fan armies, and of course they are deactivated on cue and either never realize or are terrified to come clean. But when the most 'Christian' one of them pulled out of my sphere, the game was on. How could I not call that out?

Here is the straight copy paste into html.

Pinky Guerrero updated her status.
November 10, 2016 ·

I'm ok with people unfollowing me on various medias. I was never here for a numbers game, to amass an army or be the cool kid. I've noticed that those of us who are here for a purpose, though, tend not to have big follower numbers.

I will issue a set of challenges. This goes out to power players, whether you're just a regular person collecting tons of friends or a major player who creates world content. (This is *not* a challenge issued to private friend and family groups.)

 1- Be honest about your follower numbers. I got intensely honest on mine and discovered 3/4 of them were abandoned accounts. Big numbers mean NOTHING. I have nothing but disrespect for anyone thinking a large follower number makes you *somebody*. That goes for you too, celebs.

 2- Go public. Stop the private/protected posting and take the brunt of what you stir up in other people. Learn how to say things nicely, how to be courteous and respectful of other people's problems and beliefs, and how to be a real person to ALL your fans, not just the ones who suck up. I unfollowed a certain celebrity on twitter I have followed across media for many years because I finally just couldn't take the hatefulness any more.

 3- Stop competing. If the real game is about helping others survive tragedies and assisting with charities, then let's focus on the real game. I watched a whole lotta popular and famous people take sides in the election war, and all I saw it doing was making everyone hatier. Can we fix that now, please? Living LIFE isn't about whose flag we carry, it's about being *human*. Drop the flag and join the human race. ALL of you.

 4- Focus on the here and now. Who are you behind your masks? What are you really doing with your lives? Is there more to you than taking sides?....

If I can be a public person with all my problems, all you big shots can, too. Do you wanna help me help the world heal or not? Think about it. And don't worry about getting back to me. Lurkers are my favoritist people. 

Pinky Guerrero 
I clearly should define "power player" to mean "affects many hundreds of people almost immediately".

Back to here and now on this blog. Let's add another note. I'm all for rooting out the cabal, but some of the ugly glee I'm seeing around it in public is not something I want to be. Of course I want human traffickers and rapists gone. Yes, of course I want the rich overlords using us as pawns and guinea pigs to stand trial for crimes committed thinking they were above the law. Who doesn't want these things? Do I want to turn into Lord of the Flies myself? NO. Good lord, people. Some of you call yourselves Christians.

The Cabal is real, and they are very, very bad. But Pinky the interface has been saying for years that the way we win is by remembering kindness is logical. And even though you guys really don't know how tough and mean Janika really is yet, Janika is here to continue the belief that hate in every form is going to be your own undoing. You can believe you are right and righteous and the most loving caring compassionate person on the planet, but hate is not love. Likewise, even mercy killing is not done out of hate or anger. Understand that tough love is exactly that.

Tough. Love.

Go love the world, and heal it.