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Thursday, December 6, 2018


Accidentally tabbed over a paragraph and was looking for a way to turn off auto save on blogger because it's constantly saving changes every few seconds. Ran into a wonderful post about how to recover with an undo maneuver using control-Z.


Spent an hour and a half on something very feely and I'm so messed up now.

I'll try again later. It's important. I can't even right now though, hard to see through tears welled up.


Ok, I found a blogger tutorial of a sort that suggests using a static page to work on. Basically, you can create in pages (as opposed to posts), and people don't see them unless you manually add them to a page list, like I often do on my blogs. If I start on a page, give it a title, write a sentence, and then publish, I can go back and edit without autosave happening. So I thought I'd try it on this since I've published it, and sure enough, there is absolutely no save button at all. There is update, which will make this visible, or revert to draft, which will pull it back from public.

I still have my browser history to help me reconstruct what I was working on because of the pages I opened to get links and stuff, so that is a partial relief. You guys know my memory problems are horrible if you've known Pinky for awhile. I've gotten way better since 2012 but I still get holes in even recent short term memory and it's very difficult to reconstruct. I easily aced difficult blue book essays on finals in college because my memory back then was incredible, so the contrast to that nowadays leaves me a bit devastated. But if there is anything I've learned, you can lose nearly everything and still come back!

So. When I start over, I will work in pages instead of posts. The only problem with that is I have to copy/paste over to a post in the editor once I'm done. I have done so much copy/paste and code fixing over the last 5 years that I'm pretty sick of it, but somebody call the wah-mbulance, right?