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Sunday, December 16, 2018

twelve point four

That up there is my kind of Christmas lights. Come to me, little glowing xp orbs...

I have learned so much from moderating a game server. Too bad social medias aren't this simple. This is only an example, meant metaphorically.

*skipping past some redudant newbietude*

So this percent. Guys, I wasn't even on interacting. I barely even touch that account any more. THAT is how much Pinky power I could be wielding. Fear me.

The problem with that is all my Pinky stuff is ruined. I mean, my content is fine, but since I scooted along into new things, the old Pinky blog is regularly patrolled by the google bots of old, particularly having descended into the depths of rabid porn. It's like they're all flaming into Don't Fear the Reaper level of warfare ever since Pinky came out supporting Q on twitter, and if you aren't yet aware, there have been so many international pedo ring arrests just in the last week, along with the yellow vest uprising, the Old Guard is definitely going down in full blown panic grasping at every last cover, dodge, and chewed up straw they can get their hands on.

So yeah, I have been purposefully laying a little low, not using a lot of hashtags, and toasting marshmallows over my platform burning. What the hell. Get it? What the hell. Nevermind.

I know some of you have seen me struggling with keybase verification. smh, I don't even care any more. That is so much work, omg. Could we make things workier than they already are? *sulks off to game server*

This is my favorite this month. I wish anons would translate the entire bible into chanspeak.

So I took the weekend off and didn't even tell anyone. It was sudden. I know I could be out there saying what's up, but I really don't care any more, so I'll just say here on blog that the pain levels broke through the barrier and I'm using (hopefully temp) backup. For those who get it, imagine unremitting Lhermitte's all over your body every 30 seconds for hours. I'm gonna be real and say all y'alls blowing off spiritual attacks like spiritual means less than physical, spiritual IS physical. Who we are right now is the spiritual expression of existence in a 3D medium, and it sucks. Ever since that one post wiped out last week, this has been so off the wall that I am no longer even questioning the validity of the realness of synchronicity in this existence. It's not just a fun philosophy. It's war. And I'm trapped like this moving super slow like refrigerated molasses, and I am literally choosing from moment to moment whether to be important to someone or ignore them and try rewriting that. It's not depression. Very real beings want us miserable. I've never felt so relentlessly personally attacked as I have this last week over that one post I want to rewrite. Because it's important.

Pour one out for Europe. They've been trapped in the dark of this war for so many centuries that we can't even imagine it not being normal. Those of you who know what I'm saying, join me in a war cry for our cousins across the pond. The rest of you- wake up. People are fighting for what is literally the last dregs of any thought of freedom over there. Is freedom even real? I think it was all a dream...

In case you're rusty, might wanna look up sultan. Just a thought.