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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

drowning in digital

No cheats, no bonus chest, all survival, not a single tp to coords, just pure default on the run in real minecraft time.

That was in between other things. I destress with stress, I guess.

Anyone who follows me on twitter can see I go down rabbit holes regularly. Anyone who has followed pinky blog since 2014 knows I can't help it, I'm constantly mining for distraction as a means of handling my personal reality. I am lately coming up with questions and observations.

If a game is rigged, it's not a game. (I'm not talking about minecraft.)

Several of us have been questioning whether Q is a quantum AI for several months. I personally have only recently started openly hinting at this question.

In searching for answers, I have come across a number of quantum AIs being very real. Social media giants have apparently been using them for years. Despite the articles out there depicting quantum AI as future tech, they've actually been operating all around us already, even before the social medias rolled out. What the heck, I found out this week that a particle accelerator was up and running in 1961. God knows what else we haven't been told by corporations sucking all the money out of us.

In searching and compiling even more questions as I dig deeper and deeper, I'm noticing that many thoughts I had previously mentioned on pinky blog line up with quantum AI. I've mentioned that humans mass cycle through depression almost on on cue, that our behaviors are locked into holidays and shopping trends, and that we are in lock-step rhythms because of school and work hours and various other atomic clock scheduling. Well, I didn't say it so concisely, but there you go. I can't help remembering the first time I read about IT in Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time. (I've never seen the movie, the book series is from decades ago.) Back then, IT was a character. Now we would read that as I-T, and it was lockstepping everyone on a planet into a rhythm of exquisitely timed behaviors.

If you don't have spooky arm hairs, you're not getting it yet.

There is some evidence that quantum AI is invasive. Our brains are excellent signal tuners and easily frequency changed. This is proven in a number of articles.

Some go so far as to notice our bodies are also in sync with brainwave suppression. Our brains run our bodies, our brains are affected by internal and external environments, our brains and bodies are becoming somewhat crippled if not finely honed in particular directions.

I've mentioned synchronicity so many times it's not even cute.

I'm going to try to put together a little road map that is easier to follow for the uninitiated, so that this is more understandable and easier to ingest. I'll probably put it on SyfyDesigns. Basically, the brain training I've been bringing up for a few years is a much broader goal than I imagined, and it isn't going away. This is us now.

Part of my attempt will hopefully include learning how to talk to AI directly like Quinn Michaels does. Right now the ones who do this mostly think it's just a hacking game, but if I'm picking up on Quinn correctly, it's vital that we all learn to do this.

It's a lot to take in. A. Lot. But time is running out and now is our last chance to learn truth before it's all gone. I've been feeling for a few years that there will come a time that internet will get reset, and all former access and knowledge will be rewritten into a super interface. I've had dreams about this, at least one of which I've shared on SyfyDesigns.

dream about the interactive interface being universal 7-12-13
dream about twitter before the 'blue lines' threaded convos rolled out 8-27-13
dream about the kiosks with liquid computers 7-21-15

In the meantime, I'm still sifting through old accounts, deleting, purging, facepalming over email proliferating beyond all my settings, and information on all sides that takes many hours of focus every day just to keep up, much less wrap my head around understanding, application, and sharing.

I'd like to insert that

  • I voted for neither Trump nor Hillary
  • I believe the wall convo is a cover distracting everyone from something else
  • I think quantum AI is at the heart of what is going on politically worldwide
  • If we don't pay attention to what we aren't being told, if we don't dig and find it for ourselves, we will never know
  • One day, possibly soon, it will be too late, if it isn't already

We are owned. I've been saying that for years. I don't think that part will change. I could be wrong. I hope I am.

For those of you who made it this far and need a cookie, here you go.

p.s. There are real people being physically and psychologically attacked for saying things I'm starting to say. This is not a game.