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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

goose chasing a rabbit

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This all started with that time I made things worse. Or maybe not.

So I've had statcounter turned completely off for at least a month or 6 weeks (deleted the entire account), and pretty much have let my blogs flatline. And then I got stupid and interacted with a new person again which drew my attention back to stats, but I digress. I hadn't really looked at stats of any kind in awhile, so I thumbed through last night looking around blogger stats and whadayaknow. Nothing catches a person's eye quite like an Arab bot swarm.

Really??? You're kidding.

Ok, is there a common referral...?

And when I put that in a search bar...

Naturally. Because why not. So no direct clicky.

Deeper search reveals... Hm. That's interesting. What does no free will have to do with ghcams. Are they the slaves, or are we?

So anyone can set up a blogger, paste anything into a blog post, and then use it to bot swarm the world. Niiiice. And totally transparent, which is a big thing with the Cabal/Illuminati stuff. Whatever Deep State goes by in whichever part of the world.

We getting this? 

In case you guys are interested in the whole blog post. The first 'paragraph' is a paste of their own specs. The second 'paragraph' is a wildly interesting skew into "Technology Slow Down" and "Human Implants" stuffs. Can't help noticing the "Gatlantis". Another covert transparency reveal? I mean, the Space Force is a thing, and the Secret Space Force is all over the webs...

And this is all tied to ghcams. I can't help wondering at this point if there is far more to this than porn, like subliminal messaging that captures the mind. I mean, no self, no free will...

So the "q=" triggered my free association, laying all toasty in bed in the dark this morning ignoring the frozen world outside. Ever since the Q thing started up with Q Clearance, I've been curious about Q stuff. So since someone slapped bot code all over me, I started with Q code.

Q codes have been around a really long time.

Originally British, interesting.

If you are interested in learning more, you can continue reading the article at wikipedia.

On to Q clearance. I've heard that a lot over the last year or so. You can read in depth for yourself.

So this is a real thing. Patriots bemoaning Q not posting this month and therefore being a sham probably need to get their brains into the webs and off the social media roller coaster.

They literally spell all this stuff out, so it's nothing mystical or even mysterious. It's all right there.

And this goes back to forever ago.

So back to the ghcams thing. It hit several blogs I own, which has been interesting to watch since I no longer post on most of them and get very little traffic.

But you can see it actually started further back, although the majority of the traffic on this blog was real people. This is the blog that got hit by Brunei bots really hard over an article I wrote about a love slave in a TV show. As far as I know, it's the only TV show in the entire world that has made a love slave a main character continuously for 4 seasons.

To date, this blog has not been hit like the other blogs have. I keep holding my breath.

I've had detractors since 2015, and my regular readers saw my struggles with the weird stats, some of which I caught on statcounter coming in directly from high dollar golf courses and 'spa' hotels for the rich and famous, usually after I mentioned things like "Illuminati logo". That was all pre-Q.

My point. Dear person who is striving to let the world know who the original Q is- you are not the first. I was out here taking hits before you were, as were many others, and the whole Q thing is very real and existed long before you were even born. Sometimes our heads are messed with pretty hard, but in this person's case, it's Q compliance deluxe. Some of us are wondering if this is another form of covert transparency driven through a living person.

We are all caught in this war. We are all slaves. I keep saying that. Whoever wants us all shutting up is the problem that needs to be cleared out of the way. We want more than just weird covert transparency. We want honest truth. We want our freedom. We want the slavers eradicated.

And the 'Q' we've all come to know this last year is working on that. The intel drops were real. They were verified. The only question left is whether this is one last psyop (or covert psi-op) before we're all taken down by the elite, but I seriously question this current modus operandi. I conclude the war is real, and someone is actually losing a very long game.

And it's not us.

In case you're in the mood for some deeper 'conspiracy'.