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Friday, January 11, 2019


Today was weird. But good. Really, really good.

Well, except for the mysterious 50 bucks missing in my bank account. Apparently "I" donated or sent some cash to a place today, so I guess I'll call the bank tomorrow and see what happened. Doesn't help that there are multiple mes in the area, one of those duplication casualties that plagues my life. Maybe it's cosmic mix up day, because another completely unrelated system blipped over another alt me this morning.

Changes a-brewin'-
  • more accounts shutting down
  • more stuff going into the trash
  • less technology
  • less time crunch

Woops, hit the wrong button and pre-published. I was looking for something and got distracted. Have fun. My dad did the same thing in '78, just stopped everything and listened to everything on the radio about the end of the world.

p.s. No, I couldn't get through that vid. And I'm sorry, I will never in my life try a turpentine cleanse.